Cubans in Limbo

By Yasser Castellanos

HAVANA TIMES – Those Cubans who invested all their resources to immigrate to the United States and did not have time to get there before the most recent changes, now face a delicate situation.

2 thoughts on “Cubans in Limbo

  • Raúl should hold a press conference announcing the end of the “cruel and unfair” US immigration policy known as Wet foot/Dry foot. As a result of its sudden end, Cubans have been left stranded. He should announce that Cuba will sponsor the repatriation of its stranded citizens and ensure their reintegration back into Cuban society. A public relations home run for the dictatorship. Armchair Bolsheviks should create a “Go Fund Me” site to collect contributions worldwide to help these poor confused Cubans rebuild their lives. My superior position does aid in my capacity to see solutions. Excellent observation.

  • Now would be a good time for Raul to step up and show some solidarity with these folks. While we are at it, all these ‘armchair Bolsheviks’ who are always applauding Cubans who resisted the mean ‘ol US for 58 years should kick in as well. But in the end, these socialist wannabes will do what they always do. ..leave a comment here at HT and then head to the mall.

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