Cuba’s Election Staging

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – The electoral theater was ready for Sunday March 26.. There was no loose end and no surprise expected. The hard core of power will maintain in Parliament while some candidates have been replaced to give the appearance of change. Gender parity is an illusion. It’s not a vote, but instead a well-filtered list of 470 candidates that coincidentally coincides with the number of seats to be filled in the National Assembly.

The preelection propaganda called for everyone to vote in a campaign that, in theory, is not allowed; an unequal, authoritarian, demagogic campaign. It doesn’t matter if the deputies do not represent the voters or the totality of diverse political positions that exist in Cuba today. It doesn’t matter if they are elected in a province where they don’t even live.

The show, however, will continue. Every action pays tribute and is prepared for, from Díaz-Canel’s reception a few days ago of the baseball team that played in the World Baseball Classic semifinal in Miami, to the repression of any and all who oppose the electoral exercise.

In the elections you can find the great fanatic, the neighborhood defense committee influencer, our fish, and the snitch.
The ball doesn’t fit in the sugar container. The One Party team.
Vote for all the candidates. (There’s nothing else to do). Circus on Sunday!
Vote for all of them.
The Cuban Communist Party (PCC)
The people nominate and the people elect. Vito Castreone. 54 years heading the Castreone family. Five years as consigliere

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