Cuba’s Off-and-On Electricity

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by Xel2 (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – This week we have drawn on the increasingly frequent blackouts and the inconvenience they cause. According to the reports, power outages are even more frequent in the interior of the country and rural areas.

The breakdowns in the thermoelectric plants show the regrettable state of these plants and the inability to maintain the necessary generation levels. Cuba began too late to invest in renewable energy sources. We are dependent on industries that consume large volumes of fossil fuels, whose infrastructure needs major resources in investments and maintenance.

The government’s call to sacrifice and energy saving of the population should not continue to be the only way; less so if those who dictate it do so from an air-conditioned office.

Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

Did you know? A request was made to the authorities to hold a demonstration on November 20th. And what if they don’t approve it? It will be shown that… once again they are scared shitless.
And the future? It is looking darker ever day…





The blackouts are nothing compared to the permanent darkness in the heads of the supposedly “thinking persons”.
With today’s blackout what we have is a buffet.

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2 thoughts on “Cuba’s Off-and-On Electricity

  • We build 24/7 green power plants. I have found more than 30 sites in Cuba. with a potentialof 1500MW, 9 000GWh.
    The investment is 4-4.5 mill US$ per MW. 1 MW generates 6 GWh.
    So We need 10-12 US c/kWh to make the project profitable.
    Is there any interest for this.
    We mount the solar panels on top of Greenhouses, so 1 MW requires 1 200 x 500m2 greenhouses, with modern agri, hydroponics , drip watering etc, this will generate jobs and a lot of food.
    Is there a way to get dispensation for the sanctions ?
    Knut Kise
    Spirit Electricity
    Hua Hin, Thailand

  • Efficiency is on the rise! Power cuts are fewer! In order to turn the power off, it has to be on!

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