Dennis Martinez: The Burden of Truth, Silence & Example

Dennis Martinez from the mound

By Dennis Martinez (La Prensa)

HAVANA TIMES – Every year I am invited to a series of activities in Cleveland. Every time I arrive in that city, people not only identify me as Dennis Martínez, but also as a representative of Nicaraguans in sport, and as such, I must be an example for the fans. A bad image that they have of me, they will think that all Nicaraguans are the same.

I start writing this column in this way because I have recently read of a strong increase in the tone of the Nicaraguan Government towards other countries. Leaders must be an example, be the first to prove what they speak of with facts, to act and guide the country, not a political party, or an inner circle, but to the six million Nicaraguans and it is regrettable when that does not happen.

The truth

Every public figure must be aware of the criticism they will receive. Journalism is the necessary balance in a society, a watchdog of power and even more when your salary comes from Nicaraguan taxpayers. I recall when in one of the talks I received when I got to the Mayor Leagues, they taught us how to respond to the media and the importance they have in conveying information to the public.

Sometimes it was written when I was doing badly, and they said I had had a deplorable outing. But that was the truth, it was understandable, they were doing their job. On the mound it hadn’t been my day. In Nicaragua, I see a huge effort by the independent media to struggle to get information to Nicaraguans. Their voices will not be silenced. People who are afraid of the truth should not hold public office if they are not capable of being transparent with the Nicaraguan people.

The silence of the businesspeople

Being honest as I have characterized myself throughout my life, I do not believe in Cosep (the Nicaraguan umbrella business organization). Unfortunately, they dynamited their image and when the people needed a strong supportive response, they hid. I am not saying that all businesspeople are guilty, there are many who are still respectable. However, this crisis that the country experiences has served to unmask some of them. And it is intriguing because although it is true that they create jobs, it is the people who help them increase their wealth.

What to do?

Having an answer to that question would be like discovering the Holy Grail. I understand that people are afraid to go out into the streets because there is no freedom to demonstrate, either you go to jail or end up beaten up. The Police habr been in charge of repressing those it should protect. However, no one lasts forever and those who have the levers of power, wasted a unique opportunity to clean their past mistakes and leave a legacy.

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