Dollars for Dignity

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – Attention attention! A list of Cuban repressors living in the United States today has been revealed and, according to various sources, they are living a dream life! Who said that justice does not exist? Of course! It’s just that sometimes it takes a long vacation.

In Havana, the famous rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has been caught throwing dollars at young Cubans from his room in the Packard hotel. Apparently, this is his attempt to become the new Robin Hood, but who needs a hero when you already have money? Some say that by the “grace” of Tekashi Hood the government knocked down even mobile data connectivity.

But not everything is laughter on the island, State Security continues to arbitrarily detain Cuban activists. They can even imprison you in Cuba for showing empathy and solidarity with your friends and colleagues. They go that far!

This week we don’t want you to miss the new song by Rebeca Martínez, who at over 50 years old has released a song that has been the target of applause and criticism.

In another order of ideas, many people wonder if there will be a process in Cuba similar to the release of political prisoners in Nicaragua who were stripped of their nationality and deported to the United States.

Meanwhile, the Cuban government has announced daily blackouts of three hours on average until May. So there is plenty to keep you from getting bored in Cuba!

Finally, part of this text has been generated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), a method of digital transformation that the Government wants to incorporate “quickly” in Cuba, but that, as in other matters, not many believe that it can be fulfilled or worse, finish well.

Here we go from blackout to repression dancing.
For expressing your support… For a dissident..
You worm piece of shit, son of bitch, mercenary, sell out. What do you mean Homeland and Life, I can beat the hell out of you and nothing will happen. If you go to Miami be careful, there the enemy of the Revolution will put you on a list and publish it and everything! So much hate…. That’s where we are going…
Trapped in the revolution, seeing revolution, eating revolution…
Yankee embassy? This is the Cuban presidency… Could you tell me what’s the exchange rate for political prisoners to the dollar.

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