Fascism: Castrismo, Chavismo, Madurismo

You just need some references of what Mussolini was to Italy and the world, to see how the Venezuelan government is repeating them, continuing down the path laid out by Cuba.

Nicolas Maduro salutes with his fist a picture of Hugo Chavez.

By Alejandro Armengol   (Cubaencuentro)

HAVANA TIMES – Some Cubans have been aware of the similarities between Italian fascism and the Cuban government, for decades already. They aren’t just pure coincidence. Venezuelans have also been under the same yoke for years, and have said so. A disaster that doesn’t recognize language or borders, is spreading without a solution in sight.

The government under Fidel Castro’s command was always deeply fascist, but he came to power late, at a time when that denomination had already been dishonored. Raul Castro laid out some superficial economic reforms with the sole intention of keeping the system afloat, and this is the same path that current president Miguel Diaz-Canel is walking down. Reforms in dribs and drabs, allowing small shops and attempts to seduce big capital, but politically-speaking, there has been absolute (or almost absolute) continuity.

Umberto Eco lists the 14 common features of Fascist ideology in his article Ur-Fascismo. Eco says that it is enough for one of them to be present to allow fascism to coagulate around it. For a long time now, the political system imposed in Cuba has met and exceeds this minimum.

According to the Italian essayist and novelist, there is no struggle for life in a Fascist system but, rather, life is lived for struggle. With this view in mind, everybody is trained to become a hero. In mythology across the world, a hero is an exceptional figure, but in absolute Fascist ideology, heroism is the norm. This cult of heroism is directly linked to the cult of death.

There are common denominators that can be found in fascist or “ur-fascist” systems, which go beyond a simple ideological distinction between the Right and Left, and have more to do with its rejection of parliamentary democracy; attack on liberal and open society[1]; its fascination with violence, autocratic leadership and the vital need to have a “leader”.

Octavio Paz already warned about the relativity of certain categories in use, in an article he wrote for the 168th edition of the magazine “Vuelta”, in November 1990, and pointed out that while “the terms “Left”, “Right” and other non-trustworthy alternatives, they are in fact attitudes, ideas and opinions.” He goes on to add: “Left or Right? It’s not the label that counts, but attitudes.”

You just need some references of what Mussolini was to Italy and the world, to see how the Venezuelan government is repeating this, continuing down the path laid out by Cuba. What began in Venezuela during Hugo Chavez’s time in office, has taken on greater dimensions under Maduro’s government, with a regime which citizens are reporting more and more for its everyday use of torture.

“Political rights are on the line in Venezuela, anyone who doesn’t agree with what Maduro does, is marked as the enemy,” Christopher Figuera, the former head of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), tells us during an interview in Miami with a Spanish newspaper.

Italian Fascism

Mussolini’s Fascist Party was born under the flag destined to establish a new social order, funded by landowners and highly conservative groups in Italian society.

In the beginning, Fascism was a Republican urban movement, that was widely accepted by the middle class and spread to farming areas. Mussolini’s first government included both liberal ministers as well as populists, until it was strong enough to establish a totalitarian regime, which endured for 20 years, proclaiming its loyalty to King Victor Manuel III and the royal family. However, when the King removed Mussolini and put him behind bars, the latter reappeared with Nazi support, declaring a new republic.

Mussolini was an atheist and military man in the beginning, who even challenged God to destroy him as proof of his existence, but he not only came to an agreement with the Catholic Church and recognized the sovereignty of the Vatican State, but he also went on to rule with Pope Pius XI’s blessing, as well as from priests and the Roman Curia.                                                

Unlike Nazism and Soviet Communism, which didn’t allow the slightest display of dissidence in the fields of art and culture, Italian Fascism tolerated artistic and literary displays that diverged from the official grandiose style.

Does this mean to say that there was greater tolerance in Italy, than in Russia or Germany? Not at all… Communist leader Antonio Gramsci died in jail, opposition congressman Giacomo Matteotti was killed by a group of fascist hoodlums, Mussolini taking credit for the murder.

When he came back into power, during the government founded in Salo with German support, the Duce promised to shoot members of the Great council who had voted against him, including his son-in-law, Count Galeazzo, who was shot in the back. Whenever anything came close to threatening his power, the Italian dictator knew that the best way to deal with this was to find a quick fix: wipe out his opponent.                                                                     

Venezuelan Fascism

Post-Chavism soon fell flat in a violent manner, becoming a Red Fascism. The people currently ruling Venezuela today, are hellbent on wiping out the opposition by crushing dissident opinions. From the very beginning, they have threatened to lock up anyone who peacefully expressed their discontent with an “heir”, who lost any democratic guise soon after taking power, and they have done this often and energetically.

Nicolas Maduro’s government didn’t start where Chavez left off, but where Fidel Castro started in Cuba: with the threat of arresting anyone who opposed him (which he did immediately) and a misinformation campaign so as to discredit anyone who was considered an enemy.

Maduro and Diosdado Cabello didn’t waste a single second before making it clear that there wouldn’t be any dialogue or negotiation possible with them: comply with their rules or suffer the consequences. Any simulation of a dialogue in recent years has been nothing more than subterfuge to win some more time.

Of course, they have resorted to the old tactic of talking about a coup d’etat, inciting chaos and disorder by the opposition, just like they didn’t lose a second to hurl accusations at peaceful opposition members, saying that they are responsible for the deaths that have taken place during different protests in recent years.

In the early years of Maduro’s government, he held up his presence in part with everyday lies, making statements about alleged attacks, conspiracies and coup attempts were repeated daily as well as crazy speeches such as the “appearance” of Chavez as a bird or any other nonsense, where ignorance and confusion about the meaning of his words went hand-in-hand with his Spanglish and hurling threats. However, the repressor has imposed himself more and more, because the clown hasn’t been able to replace the tyrant.


[1] In the classical definition of the term liberalism as a political and economic doctrine, as it was formulated by John Stuart Mill and is used in Europe.

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  • Obviously Kevin Corcoran like Donald J. Trump, you find much to admire in totalitarian rulers. I do so look forward to your retiring to Cuba where you will obtain the full benefits of such a system. You fully deserve the experience, although it is only as a consequence of working in a capitalist country that you will have an income some twenty five times greater than that of the Cubans around you. Enjoy amigo!

  • Uela, Alejandro – Se tu crede che Cuba e Venezuela sono seguace della pensamento di il Duce, di fascismo Italiano, non capisce neanche un cazzo !

  • Rey Cower que Dios te bendiga por tan sabio comentario,,ojalá q tantos ilusos lo leyeran y entendieran,,Dios bendiga a América y a su presidente Trump

  • Pero mi querido Kevin Corcoran,,si tú dices que tú presidente fue elegido por la gente ( que gente ?),, hasta cuándo?,,por vida?,,Maduro se ha convertido en el Musoline de Venezuela.,Dictador a la fuerza.

  • Very well said. The other comments are the example of the propaganda the US feeds

  • Once a rich and prosperous country Venezuela is today another poor and miserable country due to morons like Maduro and the example of Cuba.

  • REY Gower nobody has described it any better than you have.
    In 8 years of his presidency, Obama concentrated only on his political convinience…that was obvious.
    President Trump has dedicated all his efforts, plans and energy, on bring back the strength of our military, gain back respect and moral of our great nation.

  • Yet another illustration of what Ms. Conway described as “Alternative facts.” The problems of the US are for those who suffer them to resolve – don’t bother others!

  • How did this nonsense Rey Gower, creep into a discussion about fascism unless introduction of the narcissistic bully Trump was to substantiate that he is envious of dictators and much admires them? As for the introduction of “God continue to bless America” do you hold the deity responsible for 12,000 US citizens per year being shot on the street, in schools and churches?

  • Rey, your post reeks of ignorance. Trump is an evil racist scumbag and anyone who praises him like you do has severe emotional problems!

  • You make some great points. I had never thought of Trump as a selfless person concerned about others, he never gave me that impression. I guess I was wrong. Now he’s a great guy, father, friend, associate, patriot, lover, boss, etc. You mention that one is either PRO AMERICA (which means pro-Trump) or against. What do you propose doing with the US population that is against this president. If they open their mouths should they be put in border camps with the asylum seekers and their kids? Should that be skipped, and send them direct to prisons? Should they be shipped out to the countries their ancesters were from? God bless Trump and God help the rest of us.

  • I find much of what you write pure nonsense, but there is one very interesting observation regarding the wealth in the US. The big corporations and the 1% vs. the 99%. My question is: Which group is Mr. Trump in and how did he get there and stay there?

  • The Democrate party are now the facsists. They never accepted there defeat. They became misguided by there lust to regain power.

  • The ‘media vitriol’ (Fake News) by Trump has been earned. He ‘calls a spade a spade’. This is not fascism, its truth. The US mainstream news IS ‘Fake News’, as it’s controlled by 6 corporations that essentially promote Globalist agendas (Fox News less so). These corporations use propaganda news techniques which include: omission of truth, partial truths, actual lies and repetitive, negative labeling to sway uninformed viewers. CNN and other mainstream news stations have not done ‘investigative reporting’ for some time. They are propaganda outlets. This is evident in the Kennedy papers where project Mockingbird is revealed. It’s a dark CIA program to control the news to essentially serve Globalist agendas. These favor the big multinational corporations and the Top 1%, all at the expense of the bottom 99% of humanity and the planet.

    Even TV advertising reflects corporate control agendas. It’s become heavily pharmaceutical to profit Big Pharma, while behind the scenes (more or less), the Globalists suppress, censor and even outlaw NATURAL medical cures. Even natural cancer cures are suppressed, as toxic chemotherapy, drugs and radiation are profitable to Big Pharma, and serve their control agendas.

    I could go on and on about the Globalist control agendas, which include their private Federal Reserve Bank with its fiat money printing akin to counterfeiting. But space is limited. The real fascists are the Globalists, i.e. Cabal, Banksters, Corporatocracy, Shadow Government, Deep State, Khazarian Maffia, Zionists (not the Jews! There is a difference!). The Globalists are masters at pitting people against one another (Demo vs. Repub, man vs. woman, race against race), all to take attention away from their Globalist control of entire nations, in multiple ways. The real issue is the top 1% versus the bottom 99%.

    I find Trump’s assessment of the MSM refreshing, as truth is vitalizing, although not always easy to accept/digest. He is “Red Pilling” us to see the bigger picture, the real divide: the top 1% versus the bottom 99%. I got Red Pilled 10 years ago, and no longer saw anything as I used to. It was shattering, as my reality changed. Not easy to go through, but necessary to be free. The filters have to come off. Being in a courtroom and seeing (and FEELING) how the judge colluded with the bank’s lawyer to steal a home was my Red Pill. I no longer saw the courts as ‘Just’, as in this case they served the cabal ‘banksters’. I began to see who was really running the show in the US, and it was not us, the People. It was the big corporations.

  • You are quite obviously not even trying to follow what President Trump is doing in draining the swamp. For the past eight years I have been researching and following many different angles of the day. Early on it was quite obvious that “President Barry Sotero” aka: Barack Husein O’Bama was not interested in America as He was in himself and what he did to America and the American people is still haunting and degenerating in so many areas with the Health situation for everyone, except the elite “elected” or wealthy one of his biggest deceitful lies! Try as the left and many of the fake news and information procurement groups would attempt, President Trump is and will continue to move forward to expose, all-be-it a farce with the lamestream/fake news media machine, as they DO NOT AND WILL NOT adhere to any form of true reporting. In the end America and the principles under which it was brought into existence will be the brightly shining star illuminating and removing the evil that has been too long in power. Either you are PRO AMERICA or against. I invite you to dig deeper and see the truth that can and will be shown to all , not just America or Americans. May God continue to Bless America, President Trump and those who would help mankind have the freedoms that we enjoy in peace, prosperity and as the founders intended.

  • I agree with Dan Segal’s expressed worry about the possibility of a first time in America establishment of an autocratic dictatorship. The win or lose only scenario of Mr. Trump, the call to nativist patriotism, the leader is always right mandate will most certainly lead to unnecessary trouble both domestically and internationally. Where are ‘ the other leaders of The Republican Party ? Is Party dominance all that matters?Is The Executive Branch the sole government Branch to exert power and policy ? There in lies our future.

  • Alejandro Armengol is confusing communism and fascism because both are totalitarian. But they are quite clearly different.
    Communism in theory, is a system in which all property is vested in the community and each receives according to their ability and needs. Fascism is an authoritarian belief inducing a belief in the supremacy of a particular group or nationality and intolerant of other views including democracy.
    Both are totalitarian being centralized and dictatorial demanding subservience to the state, the state and the dictator inevitably being synonymous.
    It is common to think of politics as stretching from left to right like the wings of a bird. In my view that is incorrect, as I think they form a circle. If one draws a circle and places “liberal” in the centre at the bottom, then to the left, “green” then next on the left “democratic socialist” then at the on the left at the top “communist”, then return to the “liberal” to the right “conservative”, than “reform” then at the top on the right “fascist” you will note that the two totalitarian beliefs are neighbours. To really complete the circle, squeeze “nazi” between the two, as it is the ultimate in totalitarianism – even more than the other two totalitarian systems.
    As I have written many times in HT, dictatorship is evil – whether of left or right.
    There are a variety of views about both communism and fascism. The Communist Party of Cuba adheres to the Stalinist form of communism much admired by Raul Castro following his visit to the Soviet Union only a month after Stalin’s death. Subsequently the KGB played a substantial role particularly through Nikolai S. Leonov who advised the Castro’s in Mexico prior to Granma voyage and again in Havana following the revolution when he was their “Man in Havana””.
    The CDR was established following KGB involvement with the East German Stasi being a model. Alejandro Castro Espin similarly has had KGB training. Leonov was Putin’s boss in the KGB and is a member of the Russian Duma. When interviewed on Mesa Redondo on Cuban TV in 2016, he was introduced as: “A historian and writer” – somewhat of a misnomer for a professional spy.
    To revert to Venezuela, both Chavez and Maduro adopted the advice and guidance provided by the Castro’s who were rewarded with oil. Their promotion of their so-called revolution being indicative of their belief in totalitarian communism, not in fascism as erroneously suggested in the article.

  • He wasn’t voted in..he outright rigged the election process & even before that he incarcerated ANYONE who opposed him..so now you either support him or you go to prison.. lol!

  • President Maduro is the President. Fact not fiction; voted in by the people for the people and nothing can change that amigoes

  • Your comment try confused people but now the people weeup. Facism is much separate from socialism.

  • “Anyone who doesn’t agree with what Maduro does, is marked as the enemy”…this is chilling for us here in the US because we are seeing lots of small hints at fascism with our new president, in ways we have not seen before. Many here say that our strong institutional democracy will withstand these current attempts to erode it, but it is very uncomfortable for us in the US to see such a new level of presidential vitriol directed at media and opponents, and all sort of other groups–and to see the cocky sense of immunity and flaunting of power that we aren’t used to seeing. It is one thing to bicker and defend one party over another, but we are seeing something very different today. I understand we are still a lot safer from the threat of fascism than the other countries you highlight in your article, but your examples only serve to bring Trump’s behavior into clearer focus, and show it for what it really is–and to show him for who he is emulating and who he wants to be.

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