FEAR of other Opinions

By Xel2  (El Toque)

“I’m not afraid of you”

HAVANA TIMES – Dear Friends, this week we will delve into the events of what’s occurred here since November 26th. And the main issue is… Fear.

Right from the beginning that feeling set off a tremendous repression against a small group of people. What did they do to deserve it? Just thinking differently and not being afraid to express it.

It so happens that to maintain a system full of shortages and fear of any hint of dialogue, they need to create a false reality. Consequently, to justify keeping everything the same. That’s when the lowest types of manipulation come to play on a population without the possibility of questioning authority.

Subsequently, we see the government reacting in such an exaggerated manner to a show of dissent. They accuse a group of young people of being mercenaries with ties to terrorists.  In doing so, you note their fear; that they consider anyone not obeying them a threat to remaining in power.

Fear, arrogance, indifference, and hate are negative expressions of ego. The same over-the-top and macho ego that constantly needs obedience and praise. Danger signs go up when one of the flock discovers that the king is only wearing underwear.  

We Cubans deserve a better life. The best spirits and minds of this land want it that way.

Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

“Up with… Down with…” “Damn, what fear”… “I hope nobody hears me”

“You lose fear when you discover that it’s a false reality like everything else.”

“What’s up?” “I just had an illegitimate thought. And I’m not going to allow such a provocation!”

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