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HAVANA TIMES – In a short commentary published today in the official Cuban media, entitled “Astonishing Provocation”, Fidel Castro insinuates that the fault a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crashed on Thursday lies with the government of the Ukraine, the position taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The former Cuban president also lashes out at Obama and Israel for the hundreds of deaths in Gaza.

The following is the commentary by Fidel Castro, the chief adviser to his brother General/President Raul Castro on foreign policy.

Astonishing Provocation

Fidel Castro Ruz

This morning’s (Thursday) news was saturated with the astonishing bulletin that a Malaysia Airlines plane had been hit while flying at 10,100 meters high over the territory of the Ukraine on the path under control of the warmongering government of the chocolate king, Petro Poroshenko.

Cuba, which was always supportive of the people of Ukraine, and in the difficult days of the tragedy of Chernobyl attended the health of many children affected by harmful radiation from the accident and will always be prepared to continue such aid, cannot fail to express its rejection by the action of such an anti-Russian, anti-Ukrainian, pro-imperialist government.

In turn, coinciding with the crime of the Malaysia plane, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of a nuclear state, ordered his army to invade the Gaza Strip, where in the preceding days hundreds of Palestinians had died, many of them children. The U.S. president supported the action, calling the heinous crime as an act of self-defense. Obama did not support David against Goliath, but Goliath against David.

As is known, young Israeli men and women, well prepared for productive work, will be exposed to die without honor or glory. I do not know what military doctrine the Palestinians will use, but I know a fighter ready to die can defend even the ruins of a building as long as he has a rifle, as demonstrated by the heroic defenders of Stalingrad [in World War II].

I only wish to express my solidarity with this heroic people defending the last inch of what was their homeland for thousands of years.

55 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Blames Ukraine and Israel

  • being Ukrainian i can freely to say that Poroshenko was elected by US government not by Ukrainian people “in an open free election”.. the consequences are sad, terrifying. Poverty, endless war, thousands of deaths, destroyed cities, villages, … Its all about endless cold war between two mega aggressive countries … keep on chatting about bullshit like “freedom of speech, democracy, human rights… ” and other manipulations. Castro was a hero after all. He has done a lot for ordinary people.

  • Israel has a right to defend itself. You, like so many of your lefty buddies, are in no position to “absolve” Fidel of anything. You continue to live in the lap of capitalist luxury having sacrificed nothing more than wearing Birkenstock’s sandals and Che T-shirts for the cause of liberalism. Fidel’s megalomaniacal leadership has destroyed a once beautiful country and turned a once genuinely noble people into pimps, prostitutes, thieves, and liars. From the community of people whose lives have been directly affected by the Castro tyranny, there will be no absolution.

  • The concept of proportionate “war” is oxymoronic. The Hamas organization’s founding charter calls for the destruction of Israel. Hamas continues to fire missiles from densely populated areas, including mosques and schools. Israel has a right to defend itself, including the destruction of these missile sites. The people of Gaza are tragically caught in the middle between a terrorist organization like Hamas and a determined and powerful State of Israel. While the leader of Hamas lives in luxurious surroundings in Qatar, the Palestinians in Gaza are held captive by Hamas’ feckless military policy that fires rockets indiscriminately at innocent Israelis and builds tunnels from Gaza into Israel. If Hamas would stop firing rockets and identify the remaining tunnels from Gaza, Gazans would stop dying.

  • there is a terrible crime against the people of Gaza. Here is a link….a comment from one of your own. disproportionate….a war crime is how he describes it uploaded in 2012…but it’s even truer now

  • not as tired as I am of you and your depressing ilk

  • Such imagination is admirable – Lewis Carroll would have admired it! Fidel Castro Ruz on the side of justice and democracy. In 1959 Fidel Castro Ruz said:
    “Revolution now, elections later.”
    When will free elections be held in Cuba?

  • What kind of certification would you allocate to Fidel Castro Ruz?

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