Fidel Castro Blames Ukraine and Israel

Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin on July 11, 2014 in Havana. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – In a short commentary published today in the official Cuban media, entitled “Astonishing Provocation”, Fidel Castro insinuates that the fault a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crashed on Thursday lies with the government of the Ukraine, the position taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The former Cuban president also lashes out at Obama and Israel for the hundreds of deaths in Gaza.

The following is the commentary by Fidel Castro, the chief adviser to his brother General/President Raul Castro on foreign policy.

Astonishing Provocation

Fidel Castro Ruz

This morning’s (Thursday) news was saturated with the astonishing bulletin that a Malaysia Airlines plane had been hit while flying at 10,100 meters high over the territory of the Ukraine on the path under control of the warmongering government of the chocolate king, Petro Poroshenko.

Cuba, which was always supportive of the people of Ukraine, and in the difficult days of the tragedy of Chernobyl attended the health of many children affected by harmful radiation from the accident and will always be prepared to continue such aid, cannot fail to express its rejection by the action of such an anti-Russian, anti-Ukrainian, pro-imperialist government.

In turn, coinciding with the crime of the Malaysia plane, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of a nuclear state, ordered his army to invade the Gaza Strip, where in the preceding days hundreds of Palestinians had died, many of them children. The U.S. president supported the action, calling the heinous crime as an act of self-defense. Obama did not support David against Goliath, but Goliath against David.

As is known, young Israeli men and women, well prepared for productive work, will be exposed to die without honor or glory. I do not know what military doctrine the Palestinians will use, but I know a fighter ready to die can defend even the ruins of a building as long as he has a rifle, as demonstrated by the heroic defenders of Stalingrad [in World War II].

I only wish to express my solidarity with this heroic people defending the last inch of what was their homeland for thousands of years.

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  • being Ukrainian i can freely to say that Poroshenko was elected by US government not by Ukrainian people “in an open free election”.. the consequences are sad, terrifying. Poverty, endless war, thousands of deaths, destroyed cities, villages, … Its all about endless cold war between two mega aggressive countries … keep on chatting about bullshit like “freedom of speech, democracy, human rights… ” and other manipulations. Castro was a hero after all. He has done a lot for ordinary people.

  • Israel has a right to defend itself. You, like so many of your lefty buddies, are in no position to “absolve” Fidel of anything. You continue to live in the lap of capitalist luxury having sacrificed nothing more than wearing Birkenstock’s sandals and Che T-shirts for the cause of liberalism. Fidel’s megalomaniacal leadership has destroyed a once beautiful country and turned a once genuinely noble people into pimps, prostitutes, thieves, and liars. From the community of people whose lives have been directly affected by the Castro tyranny, there will be no absolution.

  • The concept of proportionate “war” is oxymoronic. The Hamas organization’s founding charter calls for the destruction of Israel. Hamas continues to fire missiles from densely populated areas, including mosques and schools. Israel has a right to defend itself, including the destruction of these missile sites. The people of Gaza are tragically caught in the middle between a terrorist organization like Hamas and a determined and powerful State of Israel. While the leader of Hamas lives in luxurious surroundings in Qatar, the Palestinians in Gaza are held captive by Hamas’ feckless military policy that fires rockets indiscriminately at innocent Israelis and builds tunnels from Gaza into Israel. If Hamas would stop firing rockets and identify the remaining tunnels from Gaza, Gazans would stop dying.

  • there is a terrible crime against the people of Gaza. Here is a link….a comment from one of your own. disproportionate….a war crime is how he describes it uploaded in 2012…but it’s even truer now

  • not as tired as I am of you and your depressing ilk

  • Such imagination is admirable – Lewis Carroll would have admired it! Fidel Castro Ruz on the side of justice and democracy. In 1959 Fidel Castro Ruz said:
    “Revolution now, elections later.”
    When will free elections be held in Cuba?

  • What kind of certification would you allocate to Fidel Castro Ruz?

  • Thank goodness mr. Goodrich that your own study is to satisfy your own intellectual curiosity. I was concerned that perhaps you were intending to inflict it upon others. When are you going to visit Cuba- if only to satisfy your own curiosity?

  • Elisabeth, It was a polite way to say pack the bags and leave if you hate America. You took it too literal. So many use her blessings and treat her like dirt! Keep the sweet Assata. Or let her serve her term for the crimes she is guilty of.

  • So Putin ordered the Russian rebels to shoot down a civilian passenger plane because Joe Biden’s son works for a Ukrainian gas company?

    I don’t know what is more bizarre: That your conspiracy theory makes sense to you, or that is somehow means the US is to blame for what happened.

  • you’re so funny

  • No one is free to move to another country – our citizenship limits us – but some are received in other countries, like the sweet Assata Shakur.

  • It was always the hope that the gifter had for the US (and I have had too). But it has never been realized. For all of those die hard cruel folks out there – please watch this and let it sink in:

  • Fidel has the uncanny ability to utterly ridicule himself. How can a decrepit man in Havana think that anyone will take him seriously?

  • The current Israeli government is not linked to National Socialism. The Warsaw ghetto was one of the consequences of National Socialist Germany’s 1940 agreement with Communist USSR to carve up Poland. Socialism in its various forms has a lot to answer for!

  • The perfect capitalist answer Mr. Goodrich. 10K is FIFTY years income for the average Cuban. Oh! I forgot, you have never been there.

  • It is all business
    Burisma, a private oil and gas company in Ukraine, announced this week that it has appointed Hunter Biden, the youngest son of US Vice President Joe Biden, to its board of directors.

    Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian gas connection

  • I am failing to see anything in your post that relates to Ukraine, Israel, Fidel or anything else being discussed here.

  • In the Warsaw Ghetto, the Nazis went building by building, destroying everything and killing everybody. There is no equivalent to what is happening in Gaza. By equating the two you have demonstrated your ignorance of historical facts and your moral perversion.

    Also, the Jews of Warsaw were not firing rockets into German cities.

  • Fidel is always right.

  • You could just curl up and die and spare yourself the suffering and do us and the world a favor at the same time.
    Think about it.
    Is it D. Dennis Rodman ?

  • I will bet you up to $10K that the Castro brothers will never go on trial .
    I am willing to put that sum in escrow until they both die.
    Put your money where your big mouth is .
    And thanks for that link.
    I will have a good laugh at the site after I finish this.

  • The beaten child has become the child beater.
    The Warsaw ghetto scenario is repeating itself in Gaza where illiegal and immoral collective punishment is being administered on a civilian population by the new Nazis.
    For an alternative source of reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you and others can do no better than the coverage at ZNet .
    I would strongly recommend that those who get their info on this ongoing atrocity from the corporate media and even PBS and NPR take a look at what ZNet has to offer and see what the corporate media does to the facts .

  • Posada Carriles is a certified terrorist .
    For you to attack someone who is attacking a terrorist makes you …..what ?
    It might be better if you didn’t let everyone know which side of terrorism you are on.

  • It’s MY OWN STUDY as I said.
    It is among all with whom I come in contact and only those who wish to take part in the informal study.

    It is to satisfy my own intellectual curiosity and if and when clear patterns emerge , as indeed they already have, I’ll let you know when those trends become really solid one way or the other. .
    Thanks for your interest

  • The fact of the matter is …and this is borne out by a couple of recent studies …those whose thinking is in direct opposition to hard fact , will almost always refuse to look at anything they are told will contradict what they have come to believe .
    Their self-esteem is tied up with being correct at all costs and presenting them with facts they cannot refute or deny creates cognitive dissonance and more importantly, a challenge to what is so very important to them; being right .
    The standard reaction amongst this crowd is to throw up a wall between them and those uncomfortable and irrefutable facts and to retreat ever deeper into their comfortable fictions.
    I have personally experienced this on too many occasions for it to be anything other than commonplace with the far right which by far, tends toward misinformed and disinformed far more than their counterparts on the minuscule (far) left ( this from one of the studies and it agrees with polls taken of exclusive Fox viewers ) ..
    OTOH , in things in which I believe , I seek out the skeptics and sources of rational and scholarly ( if possible) opposition to what I have come to believe .
    I am a regular listener to right wing radio, watch Fox News , read the corporate press daily , talk with my right-wing neighbors on a daily basis. and have spent some 40 years studying the U.S. media and U.S. foreign policy and how they interact.
    This recently unwrapped characteristic of the disinformed : their unwillingness : their INABILITY to look at things that seriously question deep-seated erroneous thinking has been a startling and very useful ( to me) piece of information and that information NOW informs all my discussions and debates .
    I now know how futile it is to recommend unpleasant truths to those who are truly incapable of looking at them after a few attempts .
    I can now ask a very few pertinent questions of a new acquaintance and can, from the answers fairly reliably extrapolate what they will think on major issues and why and not bother chasing them down their rabbit holes.
    With a few exceptions for sake of an entertaining argument .
    It makes things a lot easier for me.

  • then go over to Yoanni’s blog, or the “Truth About Cuba” blog, where you can “croak all day before an admiring bog!”

  • Its not what they are saying that is frightening it’s what they aren’t. Check out Glencore stock performance.Just pray that human life get some market capitalization in a short term position. Dutch citizen stock it’s not trading very strong, hope that our 1% overlords do a risk assessment featuring cost benefices analysis of lost of consumers life

  • You’re probably no worse than my grouchy grandfather. Cmon, get over the revolution stuff and lets have a cigar.

  • Fidel, even I, a free thinking man who will not be ruled except by my Master, the Lord Jesus Christ might be brought into subjection if cheap cuban cigars were readily available. Ok, you’re right. Can I have a cigar? Cuban please!

  • That Posada Carriles is sure a popular response for you Castro agents/apologists! What other bottom of the barrel responses are left after he dies!

  • Hate to tell you dear! But the Castro brothers are going to the Hague someday real soon!

    VICTIMS OF THE CUBAN REVOLUTION- Cases up to January 25, 2012

    This work documents loss of life and disappearances of a political or military nature attributed to the Cuban Revolution. Each documented case is available for review at The Cuba Archive and substantiated by bibliographic/historic data and reports from direct sources. Due to the ongoing nature of the work and the difficulty of obtaining and verifying data from Cuba, the following totals change as research progresses and are considered far from exhaustive. Cuba Archive is currently examining additional cases -most are expected to be added to this table. Experience has shown that as additional outreach efforts are undertaken, many more cases are likely to be uncovered.

    Non-Combat Victims of the Castro Regime: Work-in-progress Documented Cases Total = 10,500
    “Balseros” (estimate to 2003) = 77,833 victims

  • Whats wrong Havana Times! Don’t you believe in freedom of speech!

  • “Young Israeli men and women, well prepared for productive work,” wringing with the communist sentiment of the elite bull$%^^ that is their ideology.

    Astonishing provocation my #$^%$#%. Some people hate certain things. The nation Israel seems to be in the perpetual hatred of certain ones.

  • Astonishing provocation my #$^%$#%. Some people hate certain things. The nation Israel seems to be in the perpetual hatred of certain ones.

  • Faces lit up when my father who was an MP on trains crossing from west to east berlin would flash his American flag which was supposed to be kept covered. I loved that story he told. He was a man who was not afraid to think like a free man.
    Castro will be forgotten. In fact I could not even remember if he was still alive

  • I love America!

  • So tired of listening to the cult followers of Castro and Che

  • You’re free to move to Cuba or Russia anytime you wish!

  • Funny how we can offer asylum to that murderous thug, Posada Carriles, who organized the bombing of a Cuban commercial airliner in 1974, but won’t offer asylum to tens-of-thousands of children fleeing the chaos and violence of Honduras, that dysfunctional client state whose coup in 2009 “our” government supported! This is what America has become. The French should take back the Statue of Liberty; the expression written on its base is now a lie!

  • Fidel, History has long since absolved you (at least amongst those who are on the side of justice and democracy, and agains imperialism and oppression)!; it won’t absolve the murderous Zionist thugs, though! They are guilty of the same crimes as their Nazi instructors! Yesterday’s victims become today’s oppressors!

  • Do you mean that he (Griffin) can’t be bothered?

  • “I’m doing my own study on the people I deal directly with…”
    The world awaits the publication with bated breath!

  • There is one obvious and major difference between Fidel Castro Ruz former President of Cuba and President Poroshenko of Ukraine. Poroshenko was elected by the people of Ukraine in an open free election. Castro Ruz never was. For Castro Ruz as a former dictator to sneer at Poroshenko demonstrates yet again that he has no concern for democracy and freedom.
    He then stirs the Israel/Gaza pot. Obviously he still bears the scars of the results of the Yum Kippur invasion of Israel by the Asad Regime of Syria when Cuba supplied 500 tank drivers to Asad and which resulted in a drubbing by Israel.
    Castro Ruz then refers to Chernobyl as if the nuclear disaster there was the responsibility of Ukraine – conveniently forgetting (perhaps the vituperative mind is a touch addled) when in reality it was due to the inadequacy of the USSR.

  • Your own study? Like peer reviewed and everything? Where will you thinking of publishing?

  • Ah Saint Fidel watch over us your loyal servents.

  • In 1947, when the UN passed the resolution to partition Palestine and create two states, one Arab and the other Jewish, the territory was home to Arabs and Jews.

    There had been a continuous Jewish presence in the region for over 3,000 years. That’s not a myth, it’s an historical fact supported by a wealth of archeological evidence.

    The Arabs have been living there since 638 AD, when the Muslim army invaded and conquered the region. There is a wealth of historical and archeological evidence to support that fact too.

    The only independent state to exist in that territory was called Israel, ancient and modern. There was never an independent Arab state there called Palestine nor anything else, for that matter. Prior to the 1960’s, the Arabs living in that territory did not refer to themselves as “Palestinians”. They did not have a Palestinian national identity then, which has only developed since that time.

    Clearly both peoples, Arabs and Jews, have legitimate rights to live there. The Jews accepted the creation of two states, the Arabs refused it. Therefore, the fact that there is no Palestinian Arab state today is the direct consequence of the Arab refusal to accept such a thing. In 2000, the PLO was once again offered an agreement to establish a Palestinian Arab state on the West Bank and Gaza, with a capital in East Jerusalem. Once again, they refused it and launched a terrorist war against Israel.

    I have read plenty of left-wing media sources on the Arab-Israeli conflict. They contain a huge number of historical and factual errors.

    Unlike you, I don’t watch FoxNews.

  • At least one journalist at the Russian government owned RT news channel has had enough of serving as Putin’s propaganda vehicle:

    “Russia Today London correspondent resigns in protest at ‘disrespect for facts’ over Malaysian plane crash”

    “Sara Firth had worked at Russia Today for five years, joining the Russian government-funded station in Moscow straight after doing an MA in journalism at City University in London.

    She has since been posted in London.Yesterday when the story broke you get the kick in your stomach when you’re going to get the facts and it’s this huge story,” she told Press Gazette.

    “I walked into the newsroom and they were running an eye-witness account of God-knows who the person was blaming the Ukrainian government, and it is such a volatile situation.”

    Firth, who told Press Gazette in an interview in 2012 that facts are her “religion”, said: “I said it then, if I was asked to burn the facts and not tell the truth I’d be a goner, and so I’m gone…”

  • Specifically, what did Fidel say above that was incorrect ?
    Fidel hardly makes any public statements since retiring .
    There has never been a U.S. president willing to debate him openly so be careful of speaking of closed minds.
    You might also want to review his old speeches and note that he was right then as well and the reason that no president would go one-on-one with him is /was his sharpness and his command of the facts of the world.
    History will absolve him without a doubt even though we anarchists will always regard him as a Leninist (undemocratic ) .

  • Try reading the very many articles at ZNet on the latest Palestinian-Israeli conflict and see just how ludicrous your position is.
    As a center-right and heavily disinformed person , you will be unable to do this.
    This is borne out by a couple of recent studies of your type.
    You really can’t deal with truths that run directly counter to what you already believe.
    I’m doing my own study on the people I deal directly with and this phenomenon is apparently very widespread .
    YOU particularly should be reading the New York Times Examiner website everyday to see that the paper you say you rely on for your info is often full of shit .
    But your type doesn’t dare challenge their shaky beliefs .
    That itself is a fact you can’t bear to think about.
    Isn’t it ?

  • The Palestinians were living there when the U.N. decided to divide the land back in 1948 .
    There were supposed to be two countries created but Israel is using ancient Biblical myths to justify their ethnic cleansing and taking of the land that is supposed to be Palestine.
    They are committing a slow moving genocide
    To accuse the Palestinians of being the ones who are wrong just flies in the face of that and world opinion .
    Your last paragraph is replete with bullshit and if Fox News level is as high as you can reach, it’s a sad statement on your ability to see truth.
    When I was a kid and another kid said something crazy or made a nutty claim we would say ” Oh sure , the world is wrong and you’re right !”
    Well, check the votes at the U.N. when it comes to votes on motions against Israel and note the great number in which the motion did not pass ONLY because of the U.S. veto and the vote was every nation in the world voting against Israel except Israel, the Marshall Islands and/or Palau and the US.
    The world is not wrong .
    And you are not right.
    Do what the right dares not do.
    Go look at what the left media has to say on the Palestinian -Israeli conflict . There are a lot of stories at ZNet on the situation that will contradict just about everything you have to say except that they are factual and you get your info from right-wing media and are incorrect.
    Make the comparison yourself.
    I watch Fox News.
    You can read what I read …except you can’t. .

  • Fidel, Fidel, Fidel…when will you be right about something? I have been WAITING since 1961! Ugh…now its the Russians AGAIN! What can be worse than an old man with a closed mind, total power and an open microphone? This is like your worst most boring class in school that just never ends!

  • Typical of narcissistic despots, Fidel never took responsibility for the negative consequences of his actions. Likewise, he excuses Putin for arming, training, funding and directing the Russian separatists, but instead blames the Ukrainians for defending their country from their imperialist neighbour.

    I realize Fidel is old and befuddled, but an historical correction is required: Palestine has not been an Arab homeland for thousands of years. The Arabs only arrived in Palestine after the Conquest of Jerusalem in 630 AD. Since that time there has never been an independent Arab state in that region.

    In 1947, when the UN resolved to create a Arab state in Palestine, the Arabs rejected it. It had never occurred to any Arab to create such a state before and they did not want it then either. Only after losing the 1948 war to destroy Israel did the Arabs decide it was important to have a Palestinian Arab state on that land. If the Arabs want peace with Israel, all they have to do is stop attacking it and learn to accept the reality of a Jewish state in the historic homeland of the Jews.

  • Oh how tired we are of Fidel…

  • Fidel is a dithering, diaper-wearing despot. He is taking his marching orders from Putin, who, as of late is the embodiment of imperialist doctrine. The good news here is that when the truth of the Malaysian Airline flight 17 is fully known, like so many times in the past, Castro’s stupid remarks will be his indictment. His comments about Israel fails to take into account the hundreds of rockets fired at the Israeli homeland by Hamas terrorists. He should just go away….quietly.

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