Fidel, the Fifth Person Who Discovered Cuba?

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – Matraca’s works were inspired by the outlandish proposal by the offices of the conservator of Matanzas, Guantanamo and Baracoa to declare the late Fidel Castro the fifth “discoverer” of Cuba, after Christopher Columbus, Alexander Humboldt, Fernando Ortiz and Antonio Nuñez.  Such took place amid the official celebrations on the 97th anniversary of his birthdate, on August 13th.

Hey, if you want to stay, then stay. I’m leaving. (PCC – Communist Party of Cuba)
Wow! What a beautiful morning to exploit a country.
With the discovery everything, against the discovery nothing
Look Raul, this land is a cup of gold, should we take it?
You are in charge
Boo! I discovered you.
We’re progressing and that hurts them…

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