Gentrification and Prices in Cuba

Coffee for 1 CUC = USD


Illustration By Carlos


(Based on real facts)

HAVANA TIMES – Cuba is experiencing a gentrification process that not everyone will survive. Old Havana, with its restoration focused on tourism, is a prominent municipality in this regard.

In the La Luz café, where until recently an expreso of black nectar could be consumed for a peso in national currency (0.04 USD), now things have changed.

Thus, two of our most expensive slogans come true once again:

“Of the humble, for the humble and … for the humble?” and “With all and for the good … of all?”

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7 thoughts on “Gentrification and Prices in Cuba

  • If they have water Antonio!

  • The price of a cup of coffe will always remain affordable because someone will always be able to sell it at a lower price…gentrification can also lead to market competition!

  • That is sad. Cuba should be treated with respect not isolated. Far prices for equal work.

  • the cuban socialism has become into a dark nightmare

  • There will always be different classes of people in Society.

  • Every day I would buy a small cup of Cuban coffee (like expresso) from a woman who sold coffee through her livingroom window of her house on Infanta Avenue for 10 pesos moneda national. Last year she stopped selling her coffee because she was not able to buy a new thermos. Sad commentary on the state of affairs.

  • Unto those that hath, shall be given. Where are those price controls? Our local El Rapido has charged 0.25 CUC for a coffee for many years – but only when they have water!

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