Coffee for 1 CUC = USD


Illustration By Carlos


(Based on real facts)

HAVANA TIMES – Cuba is experiencing a gentrification process that not everyone will survive. Old Havana, with its restoration focused on tourism, is a prominent municipality in this regard.

In the La Luz café, where until recently an expreso of black nectar could be consumed for a peso in national currency (0.04 USD), now things have changed.

Thus, two of our most expensive slogans come true once again:

“Of the humble, for the humble and … for the humble?” and “With all and for the good … of all?”

7 thoughts on “Gentrification and Prices in Cuba

  • If they have water Antonio!

  • The price of a cup of coffe will always remain affordable because someone will always be able to sell it at a lower price…gentrification can also lead to market competition!

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