Grow Some Courage – Save Face and Be Heroes

Cuba’s top government leaders. Photo: Ministry of Economy and Planning

By S.E. Lewinski*

HAVANA TIMES – Let’s face reality, if one day the Cuban government fell, there would be total chaos, economic collapse, and most leadership would be hanging at the end of a rope. If an invading force landed on the shores the military would probably throw down their arms in joyous welcome! Cuba realistically can be compared to a capitalistic corporation that has managed itself into a chaotic hole and is strangled by excessive human resources rules and regulations. In addition, like most capitalist corporations, a few at the top gain economic value in shares and bonuses while the rest live paycheck to paycheck. 

The current state of Cuba Corporation there are food shortages, an estimated 250,000 people exiting the island in 2022, power outages, tourism depletion, little medicine, not enough fuel, infrastructure falling apart, and 11 million people worn down.

Taking time to analyze the CIA’s demographic country database, Cuba of all the Caribbean islands has the best scorecard for prosperity potential. Look at other global locations like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, they have harnessed talent and business strategies that have made them successful. Just think what a value to the world Cuba would have had if it would have had become Cubawan for high technology rather than Taiwan. 

A country constructing more monuments, statues, public ice cream parlors, hotels, government building restoration, etc. is frosting on the cake, below the economic structure nothing improves, and decay continues. A country that has institutionalized its population does not have a future on the global competitive market. The question to be asked…can change occur?

The obstacles to change in corporations and political systems are three resistive elements including: The Good Old Boys, the Godfather, and The Gate Keepers. We all know who the Godfather is for Cuba so let’s not go there. Next, once people are on the top it’s difficult for them to relinquish the reins. Go ask Elon on Twitter as he realized $44 billion did not make him the best CEO for a social media company. What any corporation or political system needs is a way out of chaos to save face without hanging themselves in the legal courts or the end of a rope.

Rather than continue the endless dialogue of discourse on Cuba as a political or social entity, the alternative is presenting solutions on how leadership can grow some courage and be heroes to their population!

Step 1: Think Like a Corporation

Bring in 3rd party change consultants – Corporations do this all the time since insiders will resist change and political committees churn the party’s historical rhetoric. Don’t forget better for a consultant to deal with the three types of people that resist change. Consider consultants from Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, or Germany as options (since they are also tourists who have visited the island). The consultants will guide the economics, modernize the constitution, phase changes, culture, progression schedule, and island communication. 

Step 2: Forgive and Forget

Do not purge the bureaucrats they know the processes, systems, organization, don’t fire them, imprison them, or chase them away. They have talent that can’t just be replaced overnight. It’s about rebuilding not revenge that must be instilled in the culture of the island. 

Step 3: Political Amnesty for Past Deeds

Referendum of amnesty for all political leadership. Vengeance in the long run is not going to benefit anyone. Better to allow them to save face, help with the rebuild and restructuring for the island. Avoid oligarchy controls that can be written into the new island constitution for economic growth. 

Step 4: Make a Deal with USA

Agreement with the USA to drop the political embargo and be part of the solution. In addition, defer the illegal Cuban migration which has become a financial burden for states of Texas and Florida with billions spent by US taxpayers.

Step 5: Evolution not Revolution Culture

Revolution is not a solution…Look at most Latin American nations, they continue with the 1700s business model influenced by Simon Bolivar of throwing out the old, replaced with Robin Hood promises, then when everything goes to hell… repeat the cycle over and over again. Change the culture, change the management styles, change the antiquated thinking, and bring prosperity to the masses. Leadership is about serving the needs of the people. 

*S.E. Lewinski – Guest Contributor


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