Happy New Year from Cuba! (Cartoon Feature)

By Xel2 (El Toque)

First, Christmas on the inside.

HAVANA TIMES – Dear Friends: During the current celebrations, in the rarefied context that 2020 has left us, I want to thank all the good things born even in the most difficult moments. I would also like to thank you for family, friends and love. Special thanks to the health workers, who have continued to work allowing the rest of us to stay home. Where we take care of ourselves and try to stay informed.

Hopefully this end of the year will be the end of a cycle. May the mistakes made in 2020 help us to find understanding where there are always differences. I hope that we love more and condition less. So that 2021 is not the continuation of this year of so many fears.

On behalf of our art, humor and journalism project, which has not rested pencils even during the hardest confinement for the soul and bodies, I want to thank our colleagues of elTOQUE, readers and friends for your support.  

We wish you a Happy New Year 2021. Here’s to having plenty of reasons to laugh!

Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

In my time we ate a lot of cassava flour, Oh grandpa, if you knew what we eat today…
Official note: “We do what we want, and so what?”
Where’s my guinea pig?
Tracking the Christmas pork.

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