Here Comes Another Year of “Resistance”

Look how pretty I am painting 2023! The Cuban economy.

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – The promises of prosperity for Cuba have been repeated, year after year, since 1959. The interlocutor changes, but the message remains: resistance, resistance, resistance.

Alejandro Gil, the Minister of Economy and Planning on duty, has done it again. Without any basis to justify it, he said in the National Assembly that 2023 will be a prosperous year. How can we believe you, Mr. Gil?

The promised optimism and economic recovery will not happen as long as the system is autocratic and immovable and insists on the absurdity of a prosperous socialism based on state-owned companies without losses.

Meanwhile, the exodus from the country continues, medicines and food are lacking, the stores selling with USD prices are the butt of endless ridicule, and freedoms are curtailed.

“Creative resistance” is the government’s call to ask the Cuban people to trust, once again, that the GDP will grow by 3% and that this will really solve all ills.

Creative Resistance and the Economic Plan for 2023
This is what we call resisting creatively.
In 2023 we are going to make progress. YES Now.
We make an economy that is not economic. We milk cows without utters. We fish for fish that are not fish. We bend human rights
The economy is doing well, health care is good, education in good, I speak Engle, everything is rosy, our system is the best… I am not frightened… INCOMPETENCE
Cubanos being creative. BEFORE: Work harder son maybe you can make a Team Cuba and desert on some competition abroad. NOW: Train harder son, I don’t want the “coyote” to leave you behind for not keeping up.

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