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HAVANA TIMES – This week we wanted to draw about the controversy unleashed as a result of the most recent Yomil video clip. The popular street artist joined the demonstration in front of the Capitol on July 11th. Since then, he has been active on networks broadcasting his views on social and political issues.

In an interview he commented that the material in question addresses issues such as respect for diverse criteria and harmony among Cubans. Furthermore, it is a call against repression.

But what made some sectors of the ruling party shout in the sky was the use of the image of emblematic figures of Cuban history in the video. Some institutions, informational spaces and personalities even asked that Decree Law 35 be applied to the artist.

For some time now, it seems that the popular and the marginal sectors have lost their fear of criticizing and expressing themselves openly. An example of this are the divergent artists of popular dance music who expressed their disagreement with the repression in the days following July 11th and their support for respecting the rights of all. Obviously, this is the reason for the recent visits of the presidency in peripheral places, perhaps seeking to put the “confused” on track.

The situation leaves certain questions on the table: Can the image of the country’s heroes only be used to accompany the government discourse? Is an ideology the homeland? Should creation remain restricted to the spaces that the State approves? Do they expect to get different results with the same methods?

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Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

Tell that little minstrel that I don’t want any joking about my hat… If he tries to be cute I’ll see that the weight of the law falls on him.
The heroes are only for us to use.
Here, by coincidence, cultivating The Rose.
The youth.

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  • Soy Cubano, Tengo 83 años y me fui de Cuba a los 22 el tercer año de medicina. Nunca he vuelto todos los días siento la ausencia de mi patria y la vida que tenía allí.
    Ahora que estoy más cerca de mi nueva vida me doy cuenta de qué la que sentía de joven nunca se podrá arrancar dentro de mi. Me da una tristeza extrema. Pero espero la próxima vida calme esa tormenta interior. Mensaje a los castros y comunistas. Yo he tratado de perdonar, pero ustedes no merecen perdón, Sólo Dios sabe como tratar con personas así

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