“La Jama” (Food)

By Xel2 (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – This week we have drawn on jama, food, on foods that, due to the soaring inflation we are experiencing, are increasingly difficult to obtain. Oil and egg carton prices appear to be competing to break records or emulate those set by pork.

The long lines and the shelves with the repeated products attest to the shortage. Not even the stores with US dollar prices, scattered throughout the country and which are a plague on the pockets of most Cubans, are well stocked.

Guaranteeing protein at the family table is a creative challenge that requires a lot of patience to overcome the endless lines or, otherwise, you have to become prey to resellers. Chicken and minced meat are repeated ad nauseam on the menu of the week, bread is less and less bread, and market prices portray the disaster of national agriculture.

Behind all this scarcity, the inefficiency of those who design and control the economy rears its head. Compulsive regulators who ignore that, without economic incentives, there can be no competitive and innovative production; This has made us more dependent on imports.

To top things off, the international context has become more unstable, especially after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine guaranteed 29% of the world’s wheat production and Russia 19% of corn. Fuel prices have also risen. None of this is a good sign for those who import most of their food.

We keep wandering in the desert without finding the promised land.

Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

This symphony is getting very long.
The bread god seeing how the 20 peso bread crumbles in ones hands.
Hunger, Shortages, Prices, Quality, Lines.
It seems so real! Just like the government’s evening news.
Family Planning
Continuity (More of the same)

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  • Wandering in the desert without finding the promised land… my Bible says they knew exactly where Canaan was. but Moses and Joshua , Miriam and Aaron had to put up with constant complaints of the people who should have known after fleeing Egypt that they take their fears and concerns, hunger and thirst to God. that cloud that led them by day and His fire by night, not to go always to the tent of Moses. God would answer their prayers, not false idols, as many had. today our “idols” are many. where i live i see greed power riches celebrity, fame, pleasure. lust. I tell my Cuban friends. i can help them but i am limited. There are no limits to what God can do.


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