Mariela Castro: 10 Pearls against the US and the Western World

By Cafe Fuerte

Mariela Castro

HAVANA TIMES — At the peak of the diplomatic crisis between Washington and Havana due to alleged sonic attacks against 21 US officials, Cuban government representative, sexologist and daughter of Raul Castro, Mariela Castro has given a press conference to throw severe accusations at the United States and the western world, and has vindicated the Arab world as a victim of Imperialist appropriation.

The director of Cuba’s Sex Education Center’s (CENESEX) made her statements to Al Mayadeen, the pan-Arabian TV channel which broadcasts from Lebanon, regarding the recent incident on Facebook, when her wall was blocked for 24 hours and then restored with the company apologizing amidst a controversial exchange with forum users.

These are 10 of Mariela’s controversial statements during her 7-minute long interview with the Arab channel, in which she tries to minimize the mysterious case of sonic attacks against US diplomats:

  1. “Revolutionary Cuba and those who have a voice in revolutionary Cuba are demonized, we’re discredited, we are victims of disqualifying campaigns, with terrible words that I have never received in messages from people in the Muslim nor Arab world.”
  2. “I have never received such awful insults, accusations or been the victim of such terrible harrassment like I have at the hands of these cyber-terrorists. I have never received them from the Arab world.”
  3. “Where should we be looking? Where should we be setting our sights so as to fight against this? On the Muslim world that is demonized so that they can dominate and invade and take their riches, not recognizing their culture and their history…? Look to the North, to the western world, to the countries that have gotten rich at the expense of many different countries and people who have suffered their wars of robbery, their invasions, their disproportionate use of weapons and who are also victims of discrediting and lies.”
  4. “They have demonized the Muslim world so they can take their material wealth.”
  5. “And where are these attacks and harrassment coming from? From the western world, the real terrorists.”
  6. “Cyber-terrorists don’t just practice terrorism with words on the internet, they are the people who are behind the hostile US’ imperialist policy against Cuba, they are the people who influence US politics so that they can close the US Embassy.”
  7. “In Cuba, we have a Civil Defense, the only one of its kind in the world, which the United Nations uses as an international reference as to how a committed government with the needs and interests of its people in mind can act in the face of disaster situations.”
  8. “They don’t care about the human rights they talk about so much. They use speeches to gain ground, to deceive you and to justify what they are doing.”
  9. “This alleged “sonic attack” against the US embassy…, in Star Wars there wasn’t even so much imagination, they didn’t even come up with this kind of attack. They have more imagination than filmmakers of this kind of movie. That’s because they use any lie, any nonsense to justify their inhuman behavior. Because this is vandalism, political vandalism.”
  10. “Social media isn’t as democratic as it’s made out or promoted to be.”

2 thoughts on “Mariela Castro: 10 Pearls against the US and the Western World

  • Pathetic….
    1. You have never recieved anything from the Muslim world because you have nothing to offer (i.e., insignificant)
    2. Mariela – let’s take the Hans Frankfort approach to invaders, robbers,…. Obviously, you are of European descent – the same that completely wiped out Cuba’s indigenous people then created the largest slave trade colony in the world. There…that was productive!
    3. How dare the US demonize governments that use chemical weapons on its citizen. And poor ISIL! on top of all of the unspeakable human tradgedies they perpetuate, they indiscriminitely destroy thousands-year old historical sites and artifacts. Yep. The US just doesn’t understand their culture and history.
    4. Do what-the-heck so we can steal their material wealth? You might look up the definition of “trade,” though understandably that term might be quite foriegn to you.
    5. Social media is NOT democratic or transparent (IN CUBA)
    6. Star Wars? Honey, sonic weaponry has been around since before you were a glint on your father’s ying-yang – whoever that really was.
    I’d better stop here before I get in trouble wth the gatekeepers. Still unsure of “them.”

  • The Castros are desperate to replace their Venezuelan sugardaddy. The Russians don’t have the will nor the economic muscle to take up the Cuban cause. The Chinese ask for your soul in their deals. So it makes sense that Mariela would drop her panties for the Muslim world. Good luck with that. They are a pretty fractured group themselves. Just as Quatar.

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