New SOS for Nicaraguans

The Ortega controlled legislature is set to vote on the “Foreign Agents” and “Gag” laws.

Consultations on the gag laws… This… Yes to freedom!
Cartoon by PxMolina / Confidencial

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES – This coming week is extremely dangerous for Nicaraguan civil society and independent media. The National Assembly, totally controlled by Ortega’s FSLN, prepares to vote on two laws to criminalize the work of virtually all the country’s NGOs and independent media.

Gustavo Porras, president of the Assembly, is a key operative of the regime. He said the “Regulation of Foreign Agents” and “Special Cybercrimes” laws would be ready for approval by October 13-14.

The laws are modeled after similar legislation in Cuba, Russia and Venezuela. In those countries such laws give the governments a free reign to harass, arrest, sentence and imprison any opponents.

Daniel Ortega and his wife/VP Rosario Murillo are also promoting a move to institute life sentences for “hate crimes”. This requires approval by the Supreme Court, which is also controlled by the government.

According to Murillo, most opposition activities and unflattering news and reports are “hate crimes” against their “loving” government.

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