Nicaragua: Rosario Murillo Sees God and Peace in Her Government

Rosario Murillo. Photo: el19digital

HAVANA TIMES – One point few people in Nicaragua – from the government to the opposition – disagree on, is who is the country´s most powerful person. There’s little doubt that Rosario Murillo calls most of the shots for the entire regime.

Murillo gives a speech every day of the week, broadcast over the government and family owned  media. She has many titles: First Lady, Vice President, Government Coordinator and Head of Communications. 

Murillo is accused, along with her husband, President Daniel Ortega of committing crimes against humanity in the killing, wounding, jailing and torturing of thousands of Nicaraguans during the last year of civic rebellion. The accusations have been well substantiated by numerous international and national human rights organizations.

However, the image Murillo  projects is quite the opposite. As she constantly defends the family dynasty, she speaks incessantly of God, peace, and love. Here are her own words from the government website on April 29, 2019.  

Comrade Rosario Murillo: We are Restoring Peace

From the Nicaraguan Government’s Website (el19digital)

Rosario Murillo. Photo: el19digital

Vice President Comrade Rosario Murillo said on Monday that Nicaragua is moving forward in the mission of restoring peace, advancing on paths of employment and security, and continuing on the route of blessings, prosperity and victories.

After reading the Psalm “Praise for the eternal mercy of Jehovah,” Comrade Rosario noted that: “God’s mercy is forever “and “God wants us to live as brothers and sisters with joy, with hope, hope held high, restoring us, inspiring us, encouraging us and advancing with the good of all, with the heart and forever in his Mercy.”

“We had a nice weekend: concerts in many places, parties, horse shows, sporting events, lots of recreation and a lot of blessing. Because we are able to coexist harmoniously, fraternally, family wise, as children of God all, and forever is his mercy,” she added.

Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega at a pro-government rally. Photo: el19digital

“This is the mission that we are living in our Nicaragua, that we are traveling in our Nicaragua. It is a deeply spiritual mission, restoring the soul of Nicaraguans, of all together, invoking God every day, knowing that forever is his mercy and preparing to continue walking with faith and hope growing, and trust in God growing because we know that we are children of his mercy, that God does not forsake, that God protects, that God is just and that forever is his love and mercy,” affirmed Comrade Rosario Murillo.

“God fills our hearts with light, our souls, our eyes to see. And the vision we all have of our Nicaragua is of restoration, we are restoring, recovering, strengthening peace. We are restoring, recovering, strengthening the love, the culture of meeting, of peace, of understanding, of affection from families and the community. We are striving every day to advance in security, work and peace to continue the routes of blessing, prosperity and victories,” assured vice president comrade Rosario Murillo.

Editor’s Note: Meanwhile, the political prisoners, including journalists Miguel Mora and Lucia Pineda, and the hundreds of others waiting in vain for their agreed upon release, would like to enjoy some of the mercy Murillo speaks so repetitively of, not to mention the “parties, horse shows, sporting events, lots of recreation and a lot of blessings”. 

26 thoughts on “Nicaragua: Rosario Murillo Sees God and Peace in Her Government

  • Finally, someone stayed on point. This discussion regarding Catholicism and other Christian denominations is dividing us as Christian’s. That is the work of Satan. Be divided in opinion if your intention is having to be right, but that is not what Christ taught. The real issue here is that Chayo is the exact reason non believers call Christians hypocrites. Her words are pious but her actions reflect otherwise, not uncommon to most politicians and rulers. In her case, a co-dictator. It’s all about propaganda to that regime. Truth was lost long ago with that crowd. She probably deserves worse than death, along with her husband, but hell has a spot reserved for her at the rate she’s going unless she can face her sin. It’s hard to imagine her side by side with Jesus. I doubt any of you disagree with that.

  • This woman remind me of the roman catholic inquisition that tortured and every body that wasn’t catholic; she sent the squads to kill all the protesters and after the march disolved captured and tortured all the antiOrtegaMurillo and clans of drugs laundry cashing mobs.

  • It is no wonder the current US admin has said little of late about Nicaragua. The pompous Secretary of State Pompeo is an evangelical born again Christian. Trump who can barely recite a biblical verse claims he is one too.
    Perhaps Maduro must proclaim Jesus so the Gringos will go easy in Caracas?

  • You not I David have to grapple with the problem of indoctrination. The various changes throughout the ages that have led to mankind’s extended knowledge have not been a consequence of religion, indeed the Catholic Church has frequently been in opposition – take poor Galileo! It was not God who caused Newton to ponder upon the apple dropping or in reaching conclusions. When Alan Turing gave his paper at Cambridge University in 1935 suggesting that the idea occupying his mind should be described as “a computer”, it was applied mathematical talent that drove him, not Godly thought. Although I imagine you could argue that Dr. Tommy Flower designing Colossus to analyse Enigma was God opposing the Nazi devil Hitler. Watson and Crick’s findings of the double helix were not a consequence of any form of religious persuasion. Similarly with Lee-Berners and the Internet. The genius possessed by Stephen Hawking had nothing to do with God, although no doubt there are those who considered his physical affliction a consequence of meddling with their conception of space and “heaven” being the Kingdom of God. The complexity of a supposed deity making it impossible for you – and millions of others to grasp reality, reflects confusion of thought caused by the indoctrination to which I referred.

  • I do enjoy the ocean, as should all. Carlyle, I regard God as a deity that is so complex we can’t really begin to grasp that it is. But it does show itself to all. In DNA, in science in space. You have the right to ignore God. But I think the Catholic church makes God into a $$ making machine and could really care less about the truth. But good people do follow the catholic church as they are raised to do. Ignore God at your own peril.

  • Hello Dave, I just want to say this. Talking about Religion or Politics, nobody will ever agree, different opinions and ideas. I think you are living in Nicaragua right now, maybe it is peaceful over there in San Juan del Sur that is why you don’t realize the current situation that is happening all around the country. But, really, Nicaragua has a Genocidal Government. Enjoy the ocean.

  • Just a straight question David. Do you regard those of us who have no belief in a deity as ignorant, unfortunate and uninformed, or realistic?

  • Well yes, the Roman Catholic church is actually part of the Roman empire that killed Jesus. They killed him while they occupied Jerusalm. They have a bunch of made up gobbly goop superstitions and stupid rules. The priests worldwide have been found to be not so nice to young children. And the Roman Catholic Church is very greedy for our money. They want all of it. But its better than having no religion.

    Dave Mickle, San Juan Del Sur

  • Regarding the Catholic church not being perfect, I am sure that those thousands world-wide who have suffered sexual predation by Catholic priests would agree. The countries of South America are as you say, “struggling”. Has it occurred to you that they are Catholic and that maybe – just maybe, the history of the Spanish Catholic Church is the major causal factor?

  • To be honest, the Catholic Church is a fraud. It says you can do good works or go to confession, a good work : to buy your way in heaven. You cant work your way to heaven. There is no purgatory. Mary was jewish. Mary died 1 000 years before the roman catholic church was even thought of. Statutues are idols. Mary cant hear anyones prayers- only God can. Saints are dead people who tried, and failed to work their way to heaven. Ortega is a pagan

  • You David obviously have much in common with Elio Delgado Legon, Both of you are victims of indoctrination. Attending mass and being a “good catholic” proves nothing – ask Rosario Murillo’s victims! Catholicism is a belief, not necessarily a virtue – your comments demonstrate that!

  • Hey Dave, I don’t know where do you get your news, but I think you really need to research more about Rosario Murillo before posted. She pretends to be a Catholic person but she is not, because she already committed most of the 10 God’s Commandments, and also I know not body is perfect, neither the Catholic Church. I respect your opinions but there are so wrong.

  • The Catholic church is not perfect. The USA’s social security system is going to be forced to pay less and take in more to stay afloat too. All because huge numbers of people are retiring. And fewer people join the workforce. Most all countries have the exact same issue, due to the retiring baby boomers. She at least is Catholic, as are most Nica citizens. Its not like she is a buddist and forcing her religion on anyone. Its not her fault. All countries below the equator are struggling.

  • Her and Daniel should both be hanged in public and left to rot. I hope the people rise up and destroy these evil dictators. What a shame!

  • “A few social security adjustments”?? What planet are you on? Their scheme was/is to cheat those who have already paid into the system and to tax current workers even more — in return for what? The system was robbed and mismanaged by those two. For instance, one worker had worked for 30 years and when he went to complete retirement papers he was told the first year “didn’t count”, that he would have to work another year to qualify. They’ve been stealing the country’s money for years and diverting money from the sale of petroleum from places like Venezuela. They spent $80 MILLION on Russian tanks! What does Nicaragua need with tanks?!? More than 10,000 Nicas live in exile in neighboring Costa Rica. Their repression has caused the economy to tank as well. What tourist would want to dodge the guardia?

  • “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father wish is in heaven.
    Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done done many wonderful works?
    And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, yet that work INIQUITY “. Matthew 7:21-23
    “Except a man be born again, he CANNOT enter into the kingdom of God ” John 3:1-8

  • Your reply David Mickle, clarifies that you are a religious bigot. When your justification for your opinion is that she is “a Godly Catholic Woman” you display an incredible level of bias! How do you feel about the Spanish Inquisition and the Catholic conquistadors, were there actions justified as they burnt people at the stake and slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent people mercilessly to “save their souls”.
    Would you define Pope Pious XII or Pope John Paul as “Godly”. One aided and protected Nazis fleeing to South America from justice and the other aided those who were suffering under communist totalitarian rule – take you choice, you can’t prefer both!
    Many of the people suffering the consequences of this woman’s actions are also Catholic! How do you justify her and condemn them?

  • She attends mass and confession like all good catholics. Nobody is perfect. Had they not proposed a few social security adjustments for 2 weeks, all would be well. The public overreacted. Now social security is going to be empty and nobody get any money

  • Hi Peter you are so right, they are Assassins.

  • She is doing whats best for us. Who else can fill her shoes? She is Catholic, just as the Pope is. If she was islamic then yes, I would not support her

  • Hey Yankee, where are you from, I think you are not a nicaraguan, you don’t really know Rosario Murillo, just because she mentions God for everything back and forth, up and down, during hers discurss doesn’t mean she is a really religious person, she is Evil, you don’t really know what is she capaz to do to her people. Sorry, but you are so wrong about her.

  • Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega are the most murder person, they order to suicide the population, they desapear hundreds of people, they still killing people, stop to publish pictures about this murder person

  • Maybe David that is why she has more decoration than our Christmas tree.
    Does the Pope support her views and actions?

  • Anyone who agrees that the poisonous witch Rosario is a Godly woman is as insane and delusional as she most obviously is.”we had a nice weekend…?” how she and hubby even sleep at night is unbelievable..they’ve murdered,tortured,repressed and caused 1000’s to flee for years now so that their rotten self congratulatory dynastic and nepotistic family regime can go on ‘forever’ at the cost of the populations blood,pain,grief and prolonged suffering under this state sponsored terrorism of theirs.

  • Rosario is a Godly Catholic woman. Bless her!

    David Mickle Cantamar El Yankee

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