Nicaragua: The School Girl Who Threw a Rock at the Police

“I don’t know why those students went out on the street, but it’s once again clear that struggle is in the air we’re breathing in Nicaragua.”

By Maryorit Guevara  (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – I’ve watched the video of the students from the “Republic of Argentina” school in Managua, showing a young girl throwing a rock towards one of the Police mercenaries from the Ortega-Murillo regime. In addition to recording her on his cellphone, he then pulls out his gun threatens her and the rest of the young teens accompanying her in a transitory student rebellion.

As I look at it, I think about so many things that the image says to us.

The people are FED UP with the repression of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship. From the youngest to the oldest, we’re all clear that the Police are going around murdering people. At least, that’s what my son told me when we ran into some of those mercenaries at the Metrocentro mall.

Nothing is left of the respect, admiration and pride that we felt at one time for the National Police; they’ve been transformed into the most despised institution for putting themselves at the service of the dictator and against the people, who with no revulsion they threaten and kill. It’s not for nothing that hundreds of us have been assassinated during the seven months of crisis, and abductions continue to be the special of the day.

Although we’re denied permission to exercise our right to mobilize, this doesn’t change our condemnation in any way. Rather, it increases the fury contained inside every one of us, each time we see the dictatorship running over our rights, our lives and our bodies.

I don’t know why those students went out on the street, but it’s once again clear that struggle is in the air we’re breathing in Nicaragua. Although the dictatorship would like to intimidate us by sending their mercenaries out on the streets, the people are resisting and WON”T STOP in the face of the oppressor’s boot. The youth aren’t blind; and my fear is that once again the murderous fury of the dictator will be unleashed.

That girl, that lone girl, throwing a rock at the Ortega police with fury, strength and condemnation raises our spirits, but it also speaks volumes about the determination of the Nicaraguan women who have fought and continue to fight against the violence institutionalized by Ortega and his accomplice, Rosario Murillo.

The bodies and the lives of women have been vilified over the past eleven years of this government of an outmoded left, a government that raises up false gods and never moved beyond the revolutionary fervor of the sixties. It’s for that reason that we shouldn’t be surprised that the “enemy of humanity” hasn’t changed in their discourse.

Not that the capitalist gringos are saints, but the left isn’t either. And in that sense, both ideologies have steamrolled and continue steamrolling over the bodies of women, because their ideologies are based on machismo.

Why else do you believe that in Nicaragua the “opposition parties” and the corrupt liberal governments collaborated with the dictator, and continue to forge pacts with him, despite his having been denounced for raping his stepdaughter, Zoilamerica Narvaez. All of them, including much of society, preferred to ignore this fact.

Why did they do so? Simply put, the lives of women have never been of any importance to them either. That’s why, in commemoration of the 25th International Day for the elimination of violence against women, I once more appeal for us to fight against those ideologies that are based on violence, including the one that today is repressing the 76% of the population who want Ortega and Murillo…. To go!!!!