No More Hate, Only Love Can Save Cuba

Photo: El Toque

By Elena Larrinaga (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government does not have the capacity to cling to the remnants of its former power. Democratizing the country is inevitable, even for its supporters. With that as a given, we must guide political action towards a fair social model, with clear ideas and concepts, which avoid empty ideologies or categories that would only hinder.

Which path to take? Who decides? Well, we define it, and we decide.

Currently, some opt for confrontation and division, and others seek conditions for peaceful coexistence with freedom and well-being. The latter want to avoid further damage and pain, offer forgiveness, and respect, and establish a meeting ground for dialogue and interaction. History has shown that only a path of peace ensures certain results.

Of course, any of the options must be assumed from the greatest freedom. But at the same time we must become aware that freedom should not be driven by instincts, but by the passion that comes from conscience.

The Cuban government has inoculated with political hatred and confrontation, which impoverishes the exercise of citizenship of those who have been prefigured by official manipulation —whether they are currently in favor of it or against it. This only incorporates arrogance and victimization, simple or absurd preaching, abandonment of real politics and ridiculous triumphalism.

Solid and lasting solutions will result exclusively from a love that, regardless of all of the above, can be within each Cuban. We must make love the foundation of the urgent solution.

There will be no improvement in the current crisis or a genuine national solution if we lack the capacity to turn exclusion into acceptance, repression into freedom, injustice into reconciliation, and plurality into respect.

Hate has destroyed us. Only love can save us, or it won’t happen.

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2 thoughts on “No More Hate, Only Love Can Save Cuba

  • Mr: Wiggin. How about the violations humans rights, the lack of freedom and democracy? The whole world should look the other way because you sympathize with a dictatorship that absolutely nobody elected?! I’m sure if the dictatorship was a right wing dictatorship you would be singing another tune.

  • A good article that gets to the fundamentals of positive change. If adopted within Cuba, that is a start. But next we need love to permeate international policy as well.

    The US security strategy states it must work cooperatively with friends and, reportedly, “This means that the foundational principles of self-determination, territorial integrity, and political independence must be respected , international institutions km must be strengthened, countries must be free to determine their own foreign policy choices.” Now, if the USA sticks to that for Cuba, we might see love in action.

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