Obama: Nice to See You Mr. Castro (Cartoon)

HAVANA TIMES — While Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro struggles to remain in power, secret and then public diplomacy opened the door to a new relationship between Havana and Washington.

Cartoon by Manuel Guillen/laprensa.com.ni
NICE TO SEE YOU MR. CASTRO / YOU NO, YOU ARE A BAD PARROT!  Cartoon by Manuel Guillen/laprensa.com.ni

9 thoughts on “Obama: Nice to See You Mr. Castro (Cartoon)

  • I can only agree with your first sentence. The rest is merely sensationalized speculation.

  • China only started growing when it dumped socialism and adopted capitalism, while retaining the single party state control. In effect, they transitioned from Communism to Fascism, which is what Raul Castro is planning for Cuba.

    And as far as we can tell from Obama’s “normalization” policy with Cuba, the transformation of Cuba from a Marxist socialist dictatorship to a fascist military dictatorship will be accomplished “with the blessing, cooperation, and economic support of the good old USA, too.”

    Tell me that isn’t so!

  • War criminal? That’s absurd. Here’s the definition of ‘war criminal’:
    “A person who has committed acts that violate the international laws, treaties, customs, and practices governing military conflict between belligerent states or parties.”
    Please explain how President Obama is a war criminal.

  • China… and with the blessing, cooperation, and economic support of the good old USA too. Tell me it isn’t so.

  • Can you point out one….just one communist government that has ever worked? How can you continue to embrace a system that inevitably brings poverty and misery to people?

  • “Obama shook hands with Castro while Castro still had blood on his hands”

    Raul does have blood on his hands and Obama did shake hands with him. Pretending Raul is a normal politician in a suit and tie does not change him from what he has been and continues to be: a ruthless dictator.

  • Obama is a war criminal, for Moses and Carlyle ( not his real name) to imply otherwise shows how little they know. They are a con artist’s like Obama. Maduro and Raul are reformists at best and not very good at it.

  • Barack Obama is to be respected for clarifying to the Castro regime that if further change is to occur in the relationship between the US and Cuba, there will need to be reciprocity. He was also correct in seeking compliance by the regime with human rights, access to information for Cubans and wide distribution of the Internet.
    The cartoon is a bit out-dated by showing Raul Castro in military uniform at a time when the Propaganda Department of the PCC is busy trying to change Raul’s image to one of a hand-tailored suit with silk tie image. The endeavor is strenuous and includes taking down the old images in public offices of Raul in uniform and replacing them with him in suits/silk ties. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, for this is the same Raul Castro who is opposed to freedom of the press and has responsibility for executions without trial.

  • Are we to assume that the bloody hand belongs to Castro? Obama’s left hand isn’t bloody. So this means that Obama shook hands with Castro while Castro still had blood on his hands? Nice touch.

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