Ortega, Trump and Maduro: Who Will Be the First to Go?

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES – If they were to finish out their current terms in office: Daniel Ortega will rule Nicaragua until 2022; Trump, the USA until 2021, and Maduro, Venezuela until 2026.

All three of these presidents are facing stiff internal and external oppostion to their reckless authoritarian rule. 

Ortega and Maduro are already widely considered dictators and Trump is considered by his detractors as a dictator to be if he gets the chance. 

All three have their own very distinct picture of the reality facing their countries and the world.

Each one has a solid base of supporters who are not interested in even knowing about their corruption or abuses of power in office.  In fact, they deny any accusations calling it “Fake News”.  



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4 thoughts on “Ortega, Trump and Maduro: Who Will Be the First to Go?

  • Ortega was democratically elected by his people. How come he is a dictator? Is it because he works in the interest of the working class people? Maduro was Democratically elected by the majority of the Venezuelan People. The USA who is an ANTI–WORKING CLASS country and dislikes any Leader who works in the WORKING CLASS interest, wants to determine who should be the leader of his country, totally ignoring the VERDICT of the working class man and woman as to whom they prefer to govern their affairs.

    Trump is a spoiled child who throws tantrums when he does not get his way. In his short stay, he has displayed the TRUE NATURE of the USA as a racist, selfish, terrorist country which assassinates, invades and overthrows leaders and countries they cannot rule. Trump is hell bent on ignoring treaties his country has signed; he has no respect for international law, his country is a rogue country which wants to rule the world. No other country but the USA would elect a leader like Donald Trump to govern its affairs. Maduro and Ortega should govern their country for as long as they are willing to serve their people. Trump should be impeached pronto!

  • Well Trump will be re elected again in 2020 Ortega is not going not where I guess Maduro will be first to go .

  • I hope Trump goes first I live in the USA so a bit selfish

  • Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja Since so many bad actors end up in Miami they can all get together someday at Mar a Lago to molest the young waitresses and chat about the “good old days”.

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