Nicaragua: Reactivation of the Peaceful Resistance of Citizens


In recent decades, 80% of peaceful citizen struggles against dictatorships and authoritarian governments have triumphed


By Guillermo Cortés Dominguez  (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – We know that the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship is not sustainable because it relies only on armed violence. It has imposed an undeclared State of Siege and Martial Law, turning Nicaragua into a sort of occupied country. That is why we also know that they will have to leave power, but we have no certainty of when or how.

Furthermore, we are aware that the main protagonist of this non-violent struggle is the citizenry and that peaceful resistance is the main factor to dismantle the regime. The rest is complementary. That is to say, it won’t be by only the measures of the US government or the Organization of American States that will liquidate the tyranny. The slogan “Only the people save the people” is true.

The peaceful citizen resistance is the basis for victory, but it has been neutralized for two months by the extreme repression of the dictatorship, without the appropriate reaction by the organizations that emerged with the social outbreak of April or those that existed before and that are forming part of this nonviolent civic insurrection.

The reactivation of the peaceful resistance is urgent because without it there will not be a victory over the “Ortega” dictatorship. It is needed to guarantee that the popular demands of freedom, democracy, institutionality and respect for human rights are fulfilled, plus everything else that transitional justice implies (investigation of the murders, punishment of the criminals and moral and material reparation to the victims).

Without a peaceful civil resistance reactivated, undesirable exits to the political and social crisis may arise, such as an agreement between former FSLN leaders, big capital and the Army; or armed outbreaks that would unnecessarily prolong the pain and cries, the tragedy of an entire people for many years and without any security of victory.

In recent decades, 80% of citizen’s peaceful struggles against dictatorships and authoritarian regimes have triumphed, and in all the main condition has been that nonviolent resistance must be sustained, which is not happening in Nicaragua, where a dangerous backflow has occurred faced with the repressive escalation of “Orteguismo.”

Of course, the life and physical integrity of citizens have to be preserved, we do not want more people dead or imprisoned, but neither should it be at the cost of suspending the resistance, which is not only carried out in conditions in which legality allows it, but also, and above all, when rights are denied. The peaceful insurrection does not ask for permission from the dictatorship.

The organizations that have mainly promoted the peaceful citizen rebellion such as the self-convoked movements of students and citizens in general, the Articulation of Social Movements, Organizations of Civil Society and the Civic Alliance, gathered in the Blue and White National Unity, are presenting themselves disconcerted and unable to react to the repressive wave.

Reactivation of the peaceful resistance of citizens requires a new strategy, changes in approaches and methodologies to develop activities and actions of civil disobedience, of disregard of the dictatorship as a government, of undermining the regime to push it to the negotiating table in which a peaceful solution must be found.

Carrying out activities and actions against the tyranny implies moving to a conspiracy and clandestine strategy that requires a powerful highly organized network of thousands of small groups or cells of between three to five people in the countryside and in the cities throughout the national territory, which become active to carry out actions that, although small, due to their simultaneity and massiveness, would be of high impact, and will hit the dictatorship.

Promoting broad organizational structures that include work commissions such as the so-called Blue and White Committees, is equivalent to moving a heavy train, at times when light civilian guerrillas are required to move carefully with supplies, security and communication at the same time to operate. And, that in a matter of minutes they carry out the peaceful actions they have to do, as for example, paint graffiti, distribute flyers or ballots, paste posters, launch blue and white balloons, install publicity banners, put up small barricades, etc., and withdraw in secrecy and quickly to their homes or safe houses.

It is about keeping alive the flame of rebellion, that independent journalists and communicators from Nicaragua and abroad, have something to report and comment every day, and that the dictatorship feel the actions of protest and of rejection towards it. In addition, that this active role tells other sectors and social forces that there is no solution without taking into account their interests.

Another premise of the civic struggle is that certain events become triggers of others, such as the call for a March on October 14 that led to the kidnapping of some 30 people on “Camino de Oriente” and the declaration of Marlen Chow to one of her interrogators, stating that she belonged to the women’s movement “pico rojo” (red lips).

Once she made this public, it became viral on social networks and had an international impact. If there is no citizen resistance, there would be no possibility of events that will catapult the struggle, that will generate repercussions and consequences and together with international events, trigger an acceleration of the crisis of the Ortega dictatorship and its eventual fall.

Finally, we know that with the criminalization of the street protests, the regime has put a dangerous plug on a pressure cooker that could explode with inconvenient repercussions, such as armed struggle, so that from every possible angle it is an imperative to reactivate the peaceful resistance to achieve “Que se vayan!” (that they leave).

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12 thoughts on “Nicaragua: Reactivation of the Peaceful Resistance of Citizens

  • “Carrying out activities and actions against the tyranny implies moving to a conspiracy and clandestine strategy that requires a powerful highly organized network of thousands of small groups or cells of between three to five people in the countryside and in the cities throughout the national territory, which become active to carry out actions that, although small, due to their simultaneity and massiveness, would be of high impact, and will hit the dictatorship.” This is indeed destabilization by the U.S. C.I.A. It always is , and this article primed them up for U.S. invasions , is a provocation conjured up by your U.S. employer who funds TITERES like you in order to begin the groundwork for another try at destabilization. You assholes have done this time and again to other countries, but you won’t be successful in Nicaragua. And it is YOU! who are responsible for all the deaths, disapearances, etc. You should let other countries find their own way. Why son’t you go deal with the murder of black young men and the police who murder them in you beloved amerikkka and stop spreading interventionist theatrics elseware. F–king paid stooges!!! And you can give my e-mail to the F.B.I too.

  • Hello, I agree with what you are saying, except for one thing.The fact is that he or his family members, Will be around for a Long time. The main reason he changed the constitution to do away with term limits of two terms is so that he can stay in power . The reason he named his wife Vice President is so that should anything happen to him then they can stay in power. He has changed many constitutional measures in Nicaragua that were very democratic in nature. He changed those measures so that he can form a dictatorship. He runs the banks, utilities, gasoline, media and on and on. This is all part of a very long dictatorship. He has silenced his critics and squashed any political opposition.
    In the past he has done many wonderful things for the people of Nicaragua, especially FSLN supporters, he was a big positive in the past, but that is all coming to an end. Was it greed ? All the money he has grabbed from the country will be made public and it is in the many millions of dollars. No one needs this much money and yet he keeps grabbing at more of the pie. This is sad in a country that has such poverty and yet holds he and his position so dear. It is hard to Relax when you are being oppressed and you know it, it is easy to relax when you have no idea of all the corruption going on around you. It is a wonderful country with beautiful citizens and I wish the best for everybody in Nicaragua.
    You stated “the resistance is dead” that is confirmed, at least 350 of them. And many more imprisoned as terrorists (500) and one thousand missing. I believe what the human rights commission has stated.
    I am also concerned that all Daniel keeps saying is “the Imperialists in the North” Yes the U.S. made very bad mistakes there in the past, under a leader that wanted to thwart communist influence, that is a fact. However, these are different times and the Revolution of the FSLN was and is over, it was a great success and has been for a long time. Nicaragua has come a long way since the Samoza dictatorship, but it is time to become(or should I say , remain) a part of the democratic community and not be lead by violence, intimidation or repression.
    Also the money from Venezuela is running out, his Brother Fidel and his other brother Eduardo Maduro will no longer be able to help his cause. His own real brother has asked him to step aside. Are you ready for Vladimir or some Iranian to start picking up the pieces ?
    My thoughts. Let’s all get along. Best regards

  • If your great President does so much for the poor then why are the numbers of poor people increasing?j

  • Si vos estás con el gobierno sos un filibustero, no estás ayudando a los pobres, están explotando al pueblo para obtener más riquezas y conquistar a los ignorantes, pero no tomaron en cuánta que su Nicaragua está rejuvenecida y ya no son los ignorantes que conocías antes, ahora es un país pensante que tiene que hacer para quitar a los bastardos que está en el poder, ya que el que no quiere su patria no quiere a su madre!

    Viva la revolución Nica!!!

  • I lived there and owned a business there for two years….until late 2017. I talk to people there every week. You are lying Manuel…….

  • Thank you for writing this. Not enough jas been said here in the states about the struggle there. Some minor problems, protest have been violent, but minorly so (rock throwing etc.) Also, while the people need to rise up, and they have been rising, the economic sanctions do more than pressure Ortega, but also give hope and heat to the resistance. So U.S. support is valuable. Regardless, i thank you so much. This article popped up in my feed right when i needed it. Tonight i was stressing alot for my friends down there. Thank you for caring.

  • You are no clear what you wrote in this text we are tire of people like you that spoken so badly again my contry NICARAGUA because you are a Norte America mercenary just repit wherever stupid THEY SAID …stopping please to continue writing something like that …

    Take care easy ….

  • California was invaded by illegal gringo immigrants. What goes around , comes around.. if we invested in the people of Latin America they would not have to leave their homes to find decent work.

  • I would like to return to Nicaragua and help people, but I can’t . I was arrested for 38 grams of marijuana in San Juan del sur 3 years ago. . I was released before trial and left immediately. I’m afraid the govt. might rearrest me if I return now. I would return if the govt. assured me they would not prosecute. I am not a criminal,, just a old man,66. That smokes pot. My doctor recommended pot for me about 10 years ago. It’s ashamed Nicaragua doesn’t liberalize their pot laws.. it could be a great boost to the economy. It’s not only a non narcotic drug, but a material resource. Many people could be employed growing hemp and building hemp products. If anyone desires to help me , I can be reached at my email address and give permission to publish my address. P I have already helped many Nicaraguans.

  • Nicaragua is a mess right now — no argument. I look forward to when someone/some well-defined cause steps forward and things can change. That said, I will take today’s Nicaragua over Chicago any time.

  • Look if u r in nicaragua you will know whats reallity but u onky see whats on tv or the radio as well whats on the internet but u guys dont know shit about whats living in nicaragua .we tge sandinistas are in the goberment and no one but no one will take it from us even if our best ever president past away we still gonna be in the government cuz we work for the poors no like u guys only care about youself. So fuck off and leave us alone please be honest and write the right information.

  • What about the huge number of people that very much like what the government is doing? We don’t count?

    The so called “resistance” is dead.

    And rather than this rabble-rousing nonsense, why not instead work to make Nicaragua great again. We all get to, or have to, depending on your position, live here. Why not make it fantastic?

    The article states that we don’t know when the Ortegas are going to leave. But I think we do. It shouldn’t be long. He is in ill health. I would even doubt that he’d run again. I’m hoping he would, but with some changes at the upper levels.

    But even if he did, the longest that I believe he would even try to govern would be four more years. So basically 6 years from now.

    I think we just need to relax. He’s not going anywhere. Let’s all get along.

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