Respect for Peace and Thought (Cartoons)

By Xel2 (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – Respect for diversity of thought and the need for peace are unavoidable themes moments before the peaceful march called for November 15. The criminalization of the demonstration is not new in Cuba; however, it cannot make us forget that it is a universal human right, even contemplated in our constitution.

In recent weeks, the official media unleashed a discrediting campaign against the main leaders and moderators of the Archipelago platform, with no possibility of reply in those spaces. The old rhetoric of confrontation with the United States is used by the Cuban government to discredit an initiative of its own citizens. The irrevocability of socialism is used as a justification for all kinds of unconstitutional actions.

For this reason, we denounce the continuous attack on differences of thought and the subsequent repression and denial of space in society for all citizens in their plurality.

Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

Let their be light!
Is it that hard to let another give their opinion, to listen to them, to accept that they think differently, and still be your friend?
Maria here on the beach you can have a great time… Here on the beach if you provoke me… …give me a hand Maria, now give me the other one… …for me to do my job of putting the handcuffs on.
The Riot Squad Social Club (for the reopening of tourism in Cuba).

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  • I love the art made this time, it makes me feel a little in a place where the people that have power tend to bully the people that only have their voices.

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