Song War Declared by Cuba’s Communist Party

By Circles Robinson

A “solar” tenement house in Havana. Photo by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban Communist Party / Government has been shaken by a song from some of the island’s most popular artists. They made the video from outside the country where independent recording is not a crime.

Titled Patria y Vida (Homeland and Life), in two weeks 3.2 million people have visited the video. Many more have seen it embedded from other sources. It is highly critical of what the artists consider the failed Cuban system.

Trying to show that many Cuban artists remain loyal to the government/party/revolution/leaders, the authorities financed a makeover song titled Patria o Muerte (Homeland or Death), the age old call to arms used by Fidel Castro.

The government financed response comes after its’ massive media campaign to discredit the Homeland and Life artists. The attacks bear the usual seal of attacking the messenger with personal insults and fabrications, avoiding discussing the subject matter.

Despite unlimited resources the response song video sounds and looks extremely contrived. A poor imitation trying to present a counter message. But don’t just take my word, watch the two productions side by side and draw your own conclusion. Your comments are welcome.

Here is the original song Patria y Vida with subtitles from the website.

Here is the Cuban government’s response video Patria o Muerte. There is no version with the subtitles in English. Below the song, we bring you a translation of the lyrics in Spanish taken from the offical Cubadebate website.

Homeland or Death for Life lyrics
You’re mistaken again
You took another false step.
You have left naked again
Your head on the guillotine.
Once again you are faceless
The offenders of the people.
Another betrayal for the money
Today I react, later I’ll adorn
It pays to say
Our time is up.
Profitable for the one who pays
Silence is profitable.
Shit it profitable
How foolish of the empire
Making lying profitable
and confusing people
Making singing profitable
So you are against poverty
From a satin sofa
You obtain money and vileness
It pays to scream
What they want to hear
Those who hire your voice
The ones that incite you to hate.
Who make it profitable to throw mud
At your country in these times.
And if you don’t do it
You bring good profits dead.
I hope you have funds
To mortgage your time
The Revolution will last more than
62 thousand millennia.
Give it water and don’t put any additives
We will pass you by
Let your savings grow,
We know your misery.
Homeland or death we will live
Homeland or death we will fight
Homeland or death for life
Homeland or death we will win!!!

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