Sonic Attacks in Cuba


Illustration by Yasser Castellanos


HAVANA TIMES – I can assure that the Sonic attacks are real; I receive them daily and at almost any hour.


2 thoughts on “Sonic Attacks in Cuba

  • I’ve been a targeted individual for almost five years now, and have been victimized by a variety of weaponized sonic and EMF technologies that continues to this day. Psychologically, they can be anything from totally transparent to deeply invasive; physically, they can be anything from mildly annoying to agonizingly lethal. These technologies and their wielders are very real, and very dangerous. To think it is science fiction places you’re understanding of science back in the Dark Ages. The age of “silent weapons for quiet wars” is upon us, and utmost secrecy will remain the order of the day until it is forced out of its comfort zone as a playground for loosely connected government rogues and psychopathic researchers. There’s plenty of content on the web about all this. Be informed.

  • Yes, it is often in the form of Reggaeton! Haha!

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