Take this Cup of Suffering Away from Me

By Martin Guevara 

Raul Castro addressing Cuba's National Assembly. Photo: Juvenal Balan/granma
Raul Castro addressing Cuba’s National Assembly. Photo: Juvenal Balan/granma

HAVANA TIMES — Times of a return to extreme scarcity are being predicted in Cuba.

Just like that, as if they weren’t telling us something historic, the President, brother of our former President and the father or uncle of our future Presidents, kings and princes, steps up to any old podium and announces: “We’re going to have problems with our oil supply and therefore with the electricity and everything else that depends on these energy sources.” Everything.

The Bolivarian (Venezuelan) people empty their intestines into the pockets of the military and the Castros; Where did all the black gold from the vassal go, Father? Take this cup of suffering away from me.

The poor Cuban people who have to endure so much year after year, being born, growing up and dying with the same eternal scum holding onto the reins of power.

The same moral examples, praise of patriotism, of virility and the revolutionary manliness to put up with hunger, affliction, shortages, prohibitions, the privileges of leaders and foreigners, the seething joke of a family who from their throne tell us, that any sacrifice we make is for our own good.

Let them be hungry and miserable for their own good.

Let them be transformed into a flock of sheep, full of double standards, drunk, frightened, prostituting themselves, on the fringes of society and marginalized, ostracized, for their own good.

Let them be lied to, hit, threatened, stigmatized and spat in the face over and over again, having their lives pissed on and their deaths shat on, but just so we’re absolutely clear, this is all done solely for their own good.

4 thoughts on “Take this Cup of Suffering Away from Me

  • In other words, you don’t “see” very well. Why not tell me why you disagree and support your position with facts? Or say nothing by just keep taking potshots.

  • What do u care outsider? You may be connected to a Cuban but I see that you still have no clue

  • Martin’s sentiments Moses are similar to those which prompted me to write ‘Cuba Lifting the Veil’ and in comment:

    “In searching for a way to save the soul of Fidel Castro Ruz the Pope as a priest has much to overcome to provide absolution. For the undeniable full legacy is there of multiple affairs, of executions, of persecutions, of hatred, of the insatiable thirst for power and control, of pursuit of nuclear conflict and of that over-whelming conviction that: “History will absolve me.” The Pope has spoken of “the balm of mercy.” but in considering Fidel Castro he is examining a man who has never shown any. When eventually able to access all the facts currently hidden behind the veil, freed Cubans will undoubtedly fail to share Fidel’s self-satisfied egotistical opinion or indeed the Pope’s enthusiasm for forgiveness.”

    and as I have previously said in considering how Cubans can have a quiet life:

    “Don’t challenge the system, accept it, stay mute and exist.”:

    In conclusion I wrote:

    ” For the people of Cuba there remains only that faint hope which they have tenaciously clung onto for so many long years. Hope for the younger generations that they may yet know freedom and opportunity to live in their beautiful country free of repression, with freedom of expression, freedom of the media and freedom to vote for political parties of choice. Cubans deserve no less, for only then will they become members of an open society in a free world that waits to welcome them with open arms. Liberty and that poignant cry for freedom beckon and humanity demands.”

  • Wow, Martin, how do you really feel? The writer makes a good point though: how much will the Castros and their oligarchy suffer? How much will the other 11 million Cubans suffer?

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