The Aphrodysiacal Turns of Cuban Leaders

Martin Guevara

Raul Castro with Pope Francis on Sunday May 10 in Rome. Photo: Vatican Pool

HAVANA TIMES — People can make us fall in love with them in different ways. There are those who seduce with words, those who use clothing and perfumes, those who spend lavishly, those who are funny, those who are beautiful, those who have personality, those who walk and look at others a certain way, those who use their faces and even those who captivate the incredulous with the dexterity of their lips, tongues, fingers and passion.

There are also those who can make others fall at their feet, after succumbing to the hurricane of their unbridled passion and authentic love, to the excessive shamelessness, the total and absolute disinhibition, the overdose of boldness they exhibit, leaving those smitten so confused that, spellbound, they willingly allow themselves to be devoured by the unflinching Don Juan or audacious Aphrodite.

I have a question for you Fidelistas, followers of Raul Castro, cardboard revolutionaries, fragile de-evolutionists, communists of the Cuban-Soviet type (never true communists) and opportunists who espouse the ideology that allows you to sit in the throne of power without doing any actual work:

Have you been able to forget the constant, fiery speeches, the betrayal of your brothers, the attacks, the executions, the imprisonments, the ostracism, the banishment of those who did not share in the desire to exterminate the United States and its brand of imperialism, those who wanted a system that allowed its citizens to travel, own a small sugarcane juice kiosk or a large clothing warehouse?

Have you managed to forget the humiliation you inflicted on fellow citizens who made their religious sensitivities public, who expressed they had embraced the spiritual world as a set of norms for co-existence, have you forgotten the ostracism and exile imposed on them, forced to join the twenty percent of the population made to leave the country, the harassment you subjected them to for over forty years for the crime of not being dialectical materialists or Marxist-Leninists?

Have you forgotten how you persecuted, banished, imprisoned, banned and alienated all artists who stepped outside the official discourse and did not praise the high leader, the ones who decided to express their own opinions, with their own voice, as individuals and citizens?

Are you having trouble remembering how you trampled and uprooted all individuality from society, how you silenced points of view, not that different from or opposed to the commandments set down by that devouring god that was Fidel Castro, but which simply did not shamefully acquiesce to the whims of the leader?

Have you forgotten how you persecuted, banished, imprisoned, banned and alienated all artists who stepped outside the official discourse and did not praise the high leader, the ones who decided to express their own opinions, with their own voice, as individuals and citizens?

The reason I ask this is simple: there are many people who won’t be able to forget these things so easily.

Some will jump out of their seats, leap back in amazement with a surprised, disgusted, angry or even incredulous look on their faces, when they realize that, without the slightest show of reservation, without asking the victims for forgiveness, the architects of the one-party capitalism Cuba has been drifting towards for years are the same who executed and imprisoned several individuals who merely suggested a rapprochement with the United States.

They will have the same reaction when they note and see that the person who claims he wishes to start praying once again, the person who now feels close to the Vatican and sings praises to the Pope of Rome, is the same person who agreed to ostracize all religious people and allowed serious abuses of the population and authorities who expressed religious sentiments, uprooting all symbols of adoration that were not Marxist-Leninist.

Many will of course be happy with these supposed steps forward, but they will look each other in the eye, speechless, their faces gripped by spontaneous surprise, asking themselves why these policies are being impelled by those who once repressed such proposals with all of their strength, those who destroyed all ties with the United States and the Vatican.

After the surprise has passed and they have sighed with a sudden bout of amorous attraction, the kind shamelessness others provoke in them, with the telling gleam in the eyes typical of spellbound lovers, they will loudly exclaim: “what’s this all about, buddy?”

20 thoughts on “The Aphrodysiacal Turns of Cuban Leaders

  • May 19, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    I will not bore myself by arguing with you about the United States and its various deficiencies. My concern is for Cuba and the people of Cuba. If the Cuban revolution was as you say intended to improve the lives of ordinary Cubans it has after fifty five years under the control of the Castro family regime made little progress.
    It is correct to say that for a percentage of the black population life did indeed initially improve – but the regime itself says that less than 10% of Cubans are black (2012 official census figures). However those gains did not last and the state police in Havana treat respectable black women as if they are jinteras and until two years ago Cubans entering hotels were ejected by security.
    Cubans dare not go on strike or demonstrate as doing either is a quick way of fulfilling the old Monopoly instruction:
    ‘Go to Jail, go directly to jail, do not pass GO, do not collect 200 pesos”
    In Cuba that is the reality!

  • May 19, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    Are you referring to the Castros father immigrating to Cuba from Galicia? No one is immigrating to Cuba now.

  • May 19, 2015 at 8:32 am

    The Cuban Revolution which was intended to improve the lives of the ordinary Cubans who were voiceless in their own land, had to be protected. What do you call individual rights and freedoms when the American working class has no voice in the say of their country. If they go on strike they are harassed by the police. If they congregate to protest against the financial robbers, they are beaten by the police Is the American brand of democracy the real type of Democracy? Should individual freedom be allowed to over ride the combined freedoms of the majority? We should never forget that the Cuban Revolution, after it was discovered by America that it would not follow in the pathway of the Batista regime was under constant attack. When it was discovered that this was a peoples Revolution, a vicious attack was instituted against it. Like the Haitian Revolution, the first ever Black revolution, it had to be brutally attacked and destroyed. CanThe Castros be more dictators than George Bush who defied the United Nations and launched an attack on the Sovereign Country of Iraq. This propaganda about the Castros being dictators must cease, for, if they were really dictators, America would have supported them fully for this is the modus operandi of America. It is because they are serving the interests of the working class why they are listed for assassination.

  • May 17, 2015 at 7:50 am

    ?? What are you even talking about?? We’re talking about Cuba, your comments may be more appropriate in ancestry. Com ….and by the way I’m Cuban-Irish.

    And yes, unfortunately, as a child, I remember the horrors of the revolution.

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