El bien comun

HAVANA TIMES — While the governments of Cuba and the United States negotiate the future of Cuba behind closed doors, the Cuban people, both on and off the island, have many issues to resolve, sometimes conflicting, including the desire for an improved economy, social and human rights, justice, revenge and reconciliation, etc. Yasser Castellanos brings us his illustration “The Common Good”

12 thoughts on ““The Common Good”

  • The roads were not built by Muslims – being pre-Roman and neither were the buildings of Jerusalem. Just get the facts right Nidal.

  • The big mistake was made by Yasser Arafat at Camp David. With his history he was unable to become a statesman and to realise the political art of compromise. Just look back carefully at the offer that was on the table and the current position.

  • instead of calling it Israel they should call it homicide Incorporated , or maybe genocide Inc , you Israel is committing war crimes on a daily basis , to me as Palestinian there is no different between Benjamin Netanyahu and Hitler

  • Its Israel

  • you can call it anything that you want ,
    In the end, reality is Israelis or Zionist occupied a functioning country with roads built before the Roman times
    and converted it into an open air concentration camp , the only thing missing out of Palestine is the gas chambers

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