“The Common Good”

El bien comun

HAVANA TIMES — While the governments of Cuba and the United States negotiate the future of Cuba behind closed doors, the Cuban people, both on and off the island, have many issues to resolve, sometimes conflicting, including the desire for an improved economy, social and human rights, justice, revenge and reconciliation, etc. Yasser Castellanos brings us his illustration “The Common Good”

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  • I looked at a copy of my world map. I looked carefully. It still says Israel.

  • the same indigenous people build the road , indigenous population converted into Islam ,
    by some estimates Islamic force that left Mecca number under 30000
    from this point on my discussion on the Havana Times will be designated to Cuba if you wish to discuss the Middle East then we need to find a different form of communications

  • The roads were not built by Muslims – being pre-Roman and neither were the buildings of Jerusalem. Just get the facts right Nidal.

  • The big mistake was made by Yasser Arafat at Camp David. With his history he was unable to become a statesman and to realise the political art of compromise. Just look back carefully at the offer that was on the table and the current position.

  • instead of calling it Israel they should call it homicide Incorporated , or maybe genocide Inc , you Israel is committing war crimes on a daily basis , to me as Palestinian there is no different between Benjamin Netanyahu and Hitler

  • Its Israel

  • you can call it anything that you want ,
    In the end, reality is Israelis or Zionist occupied a functioning country with roads built before the Roman times
    and converted it into an open air concentration camp , the only thing missing out of Palestine is the gas chambers

  • Its called Israel, as recognized by the UN

  • I totally understand the angst that Palestinians have. I have not been within Gaza, but 300 yards from it. I have travelled in the West Bank meeting Palestinians in the process. Long prior to your first contribution to these columns, I wrote that the US could stop the never ending construction of more home for Jews in the West Bank, by reducing its financial support for Israel by $1 million per year, every year for each additional house built by Israel in the West Bank.
    The history of the British (I assume you mean them) in the Middle East is interesting and the divisions of land having both permanent communities and nomadic peoples. Which of the resulting countries has developed the best system I do not know. But like most of the world outside the Middle East, I am concerned about the differences which have led to strife between Islamic peoples. It appears to many of us, that death and destruction between the various denominations is an objective in itself and it has spread into other countries. Perhaps the word that sums it up best is HATE!
    Regarding Israel, the Jewish people have a recorded history there for at least 4,OOO years that I have witnessed. Correct me if I am wrong, but the history of Islam only dates back some 1,600 years. Jerusalem was predominantly built by the Jewish people – prior to Islam.
    There are still nomadic peoples living in the West Bank.

  • My country and home is Palestine , what I despise about the American government is the way they do business , with total disregard for humanity, you need to keep in mind there is it Grand Canyon separating the government for the people in United States of America , I have come across blue eyed blonde American whom hated the government Of the US more then Ayatollah Khomeini .
    I need to go home to Palestine , free Palestine in which the Zionist will lift there bloody hand off my Palestine .
    After all its was your people who created the mess in Palestine .

  • LOOK HARD at the painting done by a Cuban!
    Why accept the hospitality of the USA when you so obviously despise everything about it.
    You can apply to become a permanent resident of Cuba which you obviously admire. Apply at the new Cuban Embassy.

  • I for myself i wish the best for the Cuban people and there good dreams,
    what I would say is , the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step , that’s one step should be trying to understand what kind of change the getting himself into , believe me when I say , civil rights, freedom , human rights , all of those important topic are nothing more than in ideological myth in United States of America,
    remember the Chinese proverb , do not feed me fish show me how to catch one , I had to stay overnight in the hospital for what they thought was a heart attack.
    30 hours in the hospital my invoice was $26,000 Plus
    yes that’s part of freedom , the freedom to do whatever they feel like ,all I’m saying whatever it is that you all want to do , do it right step by step , maybe look at the European socialism , and absolutely at no given time consider the American Way of doing things .

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