The Date in Cuba That Won’t Go Away

Memories of yesterday.

By Matraca (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – July 11 will mark two years since the largest demonstrations in Cuba since 1959. Also, the greatest public repression unleashed by the State.

It was the first time that people’s discontent, dissatisfaction, and weariness could be felt on a large scale.

The repressors then tried to silence what was happening with a single blow; and they silenced it with lies, abuse, violations of fundamental rights, harassment, surveillance, exemplary trials, and over a thousand imprisonments that remain to this day.

July 11, 2021 will always be a painful memory for the autocrats, etched on the calendar of Cuban history. A reminder. An expanding white spot that reminds us that there is no eternal subordination or silence.

James C. Scott wrote that each subordinate group produces from its suffering a hidden discourse that represents a critique of power behind the ruler’s back. That feeling will not be kept secret for life. It always explodes.

This is another eleventh…
July 11th still beats.
Revolutionaries, take to the streets!
Another July 11th. Dreaming doesn’t cost anything!

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