The Highest Goal for Nicaragua

Only one thing will allow us to recover the nation devastated by the dictatorship UNITY. Don’t lose sight of that. Cartoon: PxMolina

When you have a support base as overwhelming and powerful as this blue and white one, candidacies are left behind, because what matters are not the names but the mission

By Edgard Tijerino  (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – “Someday I will be President of Venezuela,” said in full assent of his rebelliousness during 2007, the anti-Chavez university leader Yon Goicochea, an apt pupil in patriotic training of Father Luis Ugalde, Rector of the Andres Bello Catholic University, told the Mexican writer Enrique Krauze.

Can such pretensions be questioned? It depends. When you are desperately struggling in an exhausting crisis, that has been splashed with blood and has prolonged for a year and a half as in our case (here in Nicaragua), you cannot lose sight of the fundamental objective. Such calls for the maximum concentration of efforts and sacrifices: to provoke a change in the handling of the reins of power.

When you have a base as overwhelming and powerful as this blue and white movement, candidacies are left behind, because what matters are not the names but the mission. Afterwards, the challenge will surely be as huge as trying to cross the nine circles of the inferno that Dante plotted, in seeking to fabricate favorable options, thinking of a country for all, without exclusions.

I never considered it convenient to speak of candidatures because it resulted unwise to place a personal pretension above the essential, which is to cause change, a thrust that has strengthened the indestructible blue and white unity, and that has allowed not only to sustain the resistance, but to provide it with a firmness of steel.

If this change is achieved, what comes immediately, is a titanic task: to get out of the chaos, to straighten such a twisted country, to fight corruption that takes refuge in every corner, to shape the conditions required to be able to make our way towards the future, and above all, avoid being diverted towards another frustration.

“No more dictatorship,” said Julius Cesar and then he dreamed of a lifelong dictatorship for himself. From those traitors, save us Lord! We have seen and suffered with several who got contaminated and stabbed their principles, burying the ideological and the patriotic. Prepare for an extreme sacrifice, be willing to work without a time schedule, be alert to ensure that distortions do not appear, and tighten the screws on those who can affect the process. This will be for all of us a herculean requirement.

Monitoring democracy must be strict if change occurs. We have to be in the front row supervising it as a priority task, as Pericles would recommend looking at ourselves in such a paramount moment.

Even without having a clear idea of the conditions that will surround us when the elections arrive, “armed” with our votes, we will feel stronger than ever. On that day, with the possibility of getting out of the hole and transforming history, the repression—even if it is in our noses—will be useless. Likewise, we won’t view the paramilitaries with the slightest fear as we move towards the polls with the determination of being able to build another country.

Of course, many strange things can happen, as we have seen here and in other countries, but we must vote regardless of adverse factors, only then will we leave a record of the extent of the rejection towards a such terribly harmful system and we could strive to victory. Then, we will make the great march, in which, the grandparents will recall their grandchildren, the heroes and martyrs who made the miracle possible.

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