By Fernando Ravsberg

The US Embassy in Havana. Photo: Ismael Francisco/

HAVANA TIMES – A new chapter in the series “The Sonic Maine” [in reference to the USS Maine that sunk in Havana Harbor in 1898] comes today from the AP news agency. Its journalists contribute a key piece in the puzzle: the first victims of the alleged sonic weapons attck in Cuba belonged to the US spy service.

“It wasn’t until US spies, posted to the embassy under diplomatic cover, reported hearing bizarre sounds and experiencing even stranger physical effects that the United States realized something was wrong, individuals familiar with the situation said,” states AP.

In other words we have just discovered the tip of the iceberg and this leads directly to the US Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, specialist in psychological warfare, promoter of coups d’état, invasion organizer and financier of assassinations.

The “denunciation” of that intelligence service took place in the middle of the negotiations between Raul Castro and Barack Obama. It seems more than evident that the intention was to undermine the rapprochement between the two governments, and it explains why the then President of the US did not make it public.

It is not the first time that the CIA simulates a false attack; they also did it in the Gulf of Tonkin, “a false flag operation organized by the secret services of the USA, to use it as a pretext for its participation in the Vietnam War,” notes Wikipedia.

They also “sowed” the idea that the Iraqi government possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction and that it was necessary to invade that country before Saddam would be able to use them. Everything was a lie to justify the invasion, as they did in Vietnam.

The plot of the acoustic weapons failed at first because they clashed with a president who had in his staff an intelligent National Security adviser. They distrusted the seriousness of the complaint and decided to remain silent while investigating.

But the CIA was lucky as the right president appeared to continue with its operation. They already have half closed the embassy and are no longer giving visas to Cubans and they boycott tourism in Cuba. These are the first steps that lead us back to the Cold War but they will not be the last.

6 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens in the Cuba Sonic Weapons Case

  • If I had to guess the source of the sonic attacks would be the Russians. They would stand the most to gain from a souring of US-Cuba relations. Given that they still have a spy base in Cuba staffed by Russian military to try and intercept US communications.

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