The Triumph of Common Sense: Cuba & the USA Re-Establish Relations

Sobre el restablecimiento de relaciones diplomáticas entre Cuba y EEUU, y la liberación de Gross y los tres cubanos presos en EEUU

Pedro Campos

Barack Obama and Raul Castro address their respective nations on Wednesday. Foto:

HAVANA TIMES — The United States and Cuba have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations following high-level talks and the release of Allan Gross and the three Cuban agents convicted of espionage in the US, by Havana and Washington respectively.

I thank Raul Castro and Barack Obama for these important steps, which open up a new chapter in the history of relations between the two countries and herald a new stage in the history of Cuba. I thank Pope Francis for having helped in this reconciliation and Canada for having facilitated it.

The decision spells the triumph of common sense and wisdom, of the constructive and objective forces within the two governments, and the defeat of the conservative forces that, on both sides, aspired to maintain the old status quo we inherited from the Cold War.

Obama said he wanted to become Cuba’s ally and help it move forward towards the 21st century. Raul stated that the blockade was still in place and had to be lifted. As regards the lack of Internet connectivity, I don’t have any precise information on what the two governments talked and agreed to.

Judging from what the two leaders said, it is evident other issues were addressed and that they agreed to continue the exchange.

Photo: Alejandro Arce
Photo: Alejandro Arce

What was clearly expressed by the two is that a period in which relations between Cuba and the United States are to be normalized has begun, and that this should have consequences on the blockade/embargo and, most importantly, on Cuban society.

This historical event that we are fortunate to be witnessing should create the conditions for peaceful co-existence and good relations between neighbors who share spaces and common interests in multiple spheres, despite their differences.

This respect for differences should be reflected inwardly in Cuba, as a first step towards a process of democratization in which we are able to settle our disagreements through an inclusive dialogue and where freedom of expression and association become a reality.

Those of us who champion a participative and democratic form of socialism and have always been opposed to aggressive policies, pressures and the embargo/blockade, welcome these steps taken by the Cuban and US governments, and we hope they will be the beginning of long, fruitful cooperation between the two nations, and the definitive start of a new era of peace, development and harmony for the Cuban nation.

8 thoughts on “The Triumph of Common Sense: Cuba & the USA Re-Establish Relations

  • My sources are very good:

    Just two links:
    From Wikileaks:

    “On the march back to Pollan’s house, the mob swelled to 250-300 people. Poloff observed 25-30 additional mob participants leaving a bus with “Pastors
    for Peace” painted on the side in English.”
    Source: Cable: 09HAVANA736_a –

    Cuba: Pastors for Repression | Babalú Blog –

    Buses donated by Pastors for Peace have ended up in construction companies that worked on the Cayo hotels and lots of other economic entities.

  • On the other hand: neither are the democrats unified in wanting to lift the sanctions. Bob Menendez is as indignant as Marco Rubio.
    Lets hope that those with a keen analysis and strong ethics prevail over those that want a quick (electoral) buck as-t the expense of the Cuba people.

  • Obama is not merely “appeasing” Cuba. He is caving in and may be the one that saves the Castro regime from economic ruin.
    His analysis is wrong: while in the past the sanctions were compensated by Soviet and Venezuelan subsidies that hid the economic disaster Cuba is. Now with Venezuelan subsidies in doubt and a high need for foreign investment Cuba needed a better relationship with the US. instead of capitalizing on that Obama wasted the political capital.
    Obama again has shown what a disaster he is in international politics.

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