The Venezuela Tug-of-War Illustrated

HAVANA TIMES — Cuba’s closest economic and political ally is the government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, currently locked in a battle to remain in power with opposition forces trying to force a recall referendum.

Tens of thousands of Cubans are working on government assignments in Venezuela, mainly doctors and educators, but also advisors in many other fields.

Cartoonist Manuel Guillen brings us his take on the political situation in the oil rich nation led by the United Socialist Party founded by the late Hugo Chavez and mentored by Fidel Castro.

Cartoon by Manuel Guillen/
Democracy in Venezuela / Forget about that craziness and lets begin to fix all this disaster that you’ve made / I’m not going turn over the Revolution. / Cartoon by Manuel Guillen/


4 thoughts on “The Venezuela Tug-of-War Illustrated

  • Ma-Burro has stacked the Venezuelan Supreme Court with his lackeys and has been able so far to thwart efforts by the National Assembly to curb his power. On paper, Venezuela is a democracy. But in practice, the government is anything but a democracy.

  • Perhaps you don’t realize that Venezuela is a multi-party democracy. It is not a one party or one person state. No dictatorship there.

  • The way to deepen the revolution in the internet age is to give everyone the vote in parliament. By giving everyone the voting rights of members of parliament, political parties can be done away with and all the corruption which goes with them.

  • For many of us, Maduro is a bad joke, but for the people of Venezuela he is a disaster. As an adherent to the economic policies of Fidel Castro Ruz, he has brought Venezuela to its economic knees.

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