This March 8th, I’d Like to Speak to the Men

By Martin Guevara

HAVANA TIMES — My grandmother was a feminist, my mother too, my father, even though he was a man, was also a feminist, and I didn’t have a lot of room to grow and be anything else but in this case I certainly wanted to be this.

The majority of men don’t know that living in an equal partnership with a woman can only bring them benefits.

Don’t be afraid machistas, you reap what you sow.

Girlfriends and wives are partners, a friend, the day that you are weak, terrified in the face of life, you’ll have the support of the person who knows you and loves you the most. Sometimes, she will be the brave one, and you will stay at home tending to household tasks.

Just imagine the relief of not having to pretend to be this daring, gladiator-like and virile man every second of your life. You’ll learn a lot more from the partner you have chosen on the principles of equality, than if you had chosen a woman who agrees on being your servant. You will also help to eradicate, between all of us, the subjugation of any human being. Plus, you will learn a lot about yourself, you will reveal a more complete self.

Machismo is clearly a set of shackles for women; but careful, it can also be tightly cuffed, invisible handcuffs for men that stop you from learning about yourself in all of your amplitude, dimensions and depth.

And you know what? Its fine, respecting your equal and respecting yourself makes you, even within your own parameters, a lot more of a man.

One thought on “This March 8th, I’d Like to Speak to the Men

  • I’m not sure if I have ever been able to agree with this author, so I’d like to seize the opportunity to express my agreement. Check out the graphic. I missed it the first time I read this.

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