Tighten Your Belts (Cartoons)

By Xel2 (El Toque)

Cover design Janet Aguilar

HAVANA TIMES – This week we discuss the new measures announced to alleviate the situation of COVID-19.

They are doubling down here where the situation is already bad.

We’ll see neighbor with what is coming down.

They are already looking for consent from San Pedro and those above.

In the absence of more food, they supply more controls.

The taste of a several products is being forgotten.

Things you have not seen since last year.

They moved to the USD stores and with the price changed.

We keep the faith that we will see them again, even if in the end we don’t.

The number of infections has not decided to go down.

Tighten your belt more and sharpen your instincts in this infernal line.

Wear your mask well, keep your social distance.

This is going to get better; it just hasn’t started to.

Wimar Verdecia Fuentes

Boss, now you can create the new measures.
New restrictions? To prevent what?
Man, they’ve got to stop the measures.
Are you going to visit your parents? No, not now,… something smells of new restrictions.
New restrictive measures due to the epidemiological situation.
New Measures. It looks like its going to rain!

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One thought on “Tighten Your Belts (Cartoons)

  • So very sad for so many beautiful Cubans. Pride instead of common sense continues to reign! Those in rural areas continue to be worse off. They simply pretend to care by introducing new measures which do not benefit the people at all. As an outsider, a parcel I mailed December 23rd has still not been delivered but instead sitting somewhere in Havana.

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