Time to Kick a Bad Habit

By Nike

HAVANA TIMES — For 20 years now, we have seen a food product here in Cuba called PELLY, which is also known as Chicotico because of the smell its cheesy flavor emits.

Children have been the ones who consume this product the most for a while now and thanks to their parents who buy it for them, it has become one of the most regular snacks on their walks and trips out, along with Tukola soda.

It makes me really sad because parents seem to ignore how bad putting this “food” that lacks any nutritional value into their children’s innocent hands really is. It doesn’t nourish them and it doesn’t contribute to their physical wellbeing in any way.

On the contrary, it is full of fat, salt, sugars and artificial colorings which are harmful to their health, at an age when children need the best diet possible in order to grow and develop their brains, that is to say, have good mental and physical health.

I am calling on all parents, please don’t buy this junk food for your children! It’s better to give them a bar of peanuts, sesame seeds or chocolate and a natural fruit juice, if you want to give your kids a snack before they get home and have a wholesome meal like they deserve.

One thought on “Time to Kick a Bad Habit

  • Are you the elderly person who yells at kids playing on his lawn?
    Listen, many Cuban children lack so much, from toys and clothes to even healthy snacks, and sometimes dinner itself.
    Why begrudge them a cheesy treat and a Tukola once in a while?

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