US Confirms it Isn’t Handing Over Information to Cuba on “Sonic Attacks”

By Fernando Ravsberg

US Department of State’s spokeswoman Heather Nauert. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — The US Department of State’s spokeswoman Heather Nauert affirmed that her country isn’t giving Cuba any information about the alleged “sonic attacks” that twenty or so US diplomats were allegedly victim to. She thereby confirmed the complaint made this week by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

“We don’t want this information to leak. This information could leak to other parties who might be involved (in these incidents). Providing information about the investigation could alert those who we will call the “bad guys”, the real people responsible for this,” Nauert pointed out at a press conference.

The spokeswoman also reminded us that Washington still hasn’t figured out “who or what is responsible” for these attacks, and she stressed that she wasn’t referring “to the Cuban people” when she spoke about “bad guys”.

This matter of “mystery weapons” has taken a tragic tone at times, but at other times, it seems like something pulled straight out of a James Bond movie and these statements talking about “bad guys” could be rated as a primary school response.

Anyhow, even though the “baddies” aren’t Cuban, these are the people who are being punished, especially ordinary Cubans who will no longer be granted visas to visit their families.

9 thoughts on “US Confirms it Isn’t Handing Over Information to Cuba on “Sonic Attacks”

  • I fail to understand why you continue to implicate US malfeasance without any proof and against the majority of international opinion. Are you blind/ignorant to the Cuban regime’s machinations or are you just a provocateur? (Rhetorical question. Please don’t answer on my account. I am completely bored with your misguided and naive rants.)
    BTW, I expect this gets posted. I fear the HT moderators have been exposed to censorship and lack of literary freedom for too long and have and have resorted to hold back some of my commentary.

  • A hosting country can only do that much to protect foreign diplomats on its soil. I sincerely believe this was an inside job triggered by special interests hostile to Cuban-US relations and undo Obama’s foreign policy achievements. Therefore, the Trump regime has nothing to prove but their own intentions! I, too, want to see change and improvements in Cuban society but isolating them is not the way to do it. We need more people to people contact!

  • Really Terry? Do you have any proof that there wasn’t an attack?

  • Hosting countries are responsible for foriegn diplomats’ welfare. Can we agree on that Hans?
    If someone walks up to you and clubs you in the face, but you can’t prove who did it, does that mean it didn’t happen?

  • The definition of “pathological liar” in my dictionary includes a picture of Trump, Fidel Castro, and Raul Castro. You know Wolf, one of the many great things about the US is free speech. And of the many great aspects of free speech is the ability of its citizens/journalists to independantly investigate percieved fictions and wrongdoings. Case in point is the vast majority of US media uncovering everything ridiculous re: Trump. Something that can’t even be dreamed of in Cuba. Something else out of the Cuban realm of possibilties? We in the US can either wait out Trump’s term or impeach. You’re stuck with what you’ve got in Cuba – and you’d better at least pretend to like it if you now what’s good for you. “Look it Up!!!!”

  • How can you talk about my President in such way. Respect the President. Honor God and ask Him to bless our President and The United States of America. Former President Obama? Respectfully, he betrayed the Cuban people. Left thousands of Cubans stranded in central, South American countries, in Mexico, in the ocean. The Cuban people whom are a different category of immigrant, because they are running away from a dictatorship. Donald Trump will never sit side by side with a dictator to watch a baseball game. The only hope the Cuban people had was to come to America, our second Land. The land of freedom, the land who never said no to Cubans. The US Land and The US Flag that we love and respect. So please, respect my President.

  • To all Cubans. Please do not believe anything that you hear or read from the US Government. This is very hard for me to say to you, but it is the truth. Donald Trump can not tell the truth about anything and I truly mean anything. He is a pathological liar, which is a real mental condition. Look it up. His disease is running through every level of the US Government including the US State Department, which controls our foreign embassies. This is believed by over 50% of all voting US citizens. Again, look it up. This current Administration headed by the lying Trump is not going to be around much longer. Even his own party is slowly leaving him and none of them believe anything that he says or writes. Be patient and don’t worry. Whatever he may accomplish during his short time in office, the next President will negate everything putting our two counties back on the same tract that President Obama had us.

  • Agreed! This entire sad saga is going to make one heck of best-seller and movie box-office bonanza one day… but it should be classified as fiction/comedy, with a little bit of sci-fi thrown in to “try” to keep it believable. Perhaps the US government is holding out on full disclosure until they sign the right movie deal with Oliver Stone. Until then, it’ll remain a mystery, inside a riddle, wrapped within an enigma. Yes, this completely transparent hoax and movie plot would be completely laughable as a comedy too if it weren’t also so very sad for the Cuban people, and utterly embarrassing and condescending for average Americans as well. I’m happy to know that at least some Americans have a gag-reflex when being force-fed BS from Washington.

  • The US State Department has nothing to prove on who were the bad guys, and they already admitted that they weren’t Cuban. Those who paid the price are ordinary Cubans trying to visit their loved ones on both sides of the Florida Strait. Sad!

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