Venezuela’s Maduro Hangs On (Cartoon)

COUP Armed Forces, Maduro’s Supreme Court, Popular Will.  Cartoon by Manuel Guillern /

HAVANA TIMES – Many observers of Venezuelan politics did not expect president Maduro to weather the storm that his government faces as long as he has. With the country deep in economic crisis, this week is considered crucial with elections on Sunday for government approved candidates for a Constituent Assembly.

Besides rewriting the Hugo Chavez approved Constitution (1999), the Assembly will be all-empowered to abolish or change the country’s institutions including the legislature, currently held by an opposition majority.

Cartoonist Manuel Guillen gives us his impression of the current situation in the South American country which is the Cuban government’s leading political and economic ally.

3 thoughts on “Venezuela’s Maduro Hangs On (Cartoon)

  • Tell everybody Ruben Alberto, do you live under a communist dictatorship or do you live in a free capitalist society? Never mind prevarication, just be honest!

  • Maduro is the Batista of Venezuela. A Weak leader who has lost the support of the population. The vote to over throw the Chavez constitution will only harden the opposition. Armed conflict will start as soon as Democratic option is removed. Maduro offer an empty theory of the countries misery. It is likely that the military will fracture. But even before, an armed resistance to Maduro is already forming.

  • Well according to their referendum it is most likely to pass and the issue is that there will only be a “One Political Party System” like Cuba. the CP will dominate the country’s national system and gain power overly. It will become the (“Peoples Power”), and that about rounds it up to the U.S.

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