When a Vaccine Comes or Appears in Cuba

Photo: Juan Suarez

By Aurelio Pedroso (Progreso Semanal)

HAVANA TIMES – When the vaccine comes, we will have to see whether we can form an orderly line to be vaccinated, after such a long time waiting. Whether it’s Chinese, Russian or locally produced, because we Cubans like to surprise ourselves. This to the point that trustworthy sources say the first trials with volunteers will begin on August 24.

Cuban scientists have made great headway in producing it and the first vaccination trial has already been announced, beginning in August. President Miguel Diaz-Canel has recently said that “even though other countries produce vaccines; we need our own in order to have sovereignty.”

Candidates and organizers must stress the importance of order for getting vaccinated. Because if we apply the same useless methods we have to line up for chicken or toilet paper, we will find ourselves exposed to the virus in new lines or disorderly lines, in most cases.

Of course, there is also the scourge of resellers, line-sitters and hoarders who are capable of selling the highly sought-after vaccine to the ilicit market, in spite of what might appear on the evening news show.

This last point is neither news, nor is it an exaggeration. Like what normally happens with free vaccinations in Cuba, when the flu vaccine became available all over the island. It didn’t take long for vaccinations to travel to relatives living anywhere else in this world. I saw five of them leave for Tampa to reach their destination.

Doctor Duran has clearly and repeatedly stated that the COVID-19 vaccine wouldn’t be available internationally up until the end of this year or the beginning of the next one. However, as life is what it is, and Cuba, Russia, China and the US’ haste to find a vaccine is so pressing, we might have one sooner.

We just need humanity to become the antidote to this virus. It seems that it is more like the much-needed vaccine for HIV/AIDS, with its incredible death toll and can’t be found in any lab.

When it does come, it goes without saying that the Ministry of Public Health will know how to distribute it to everyone and without huge crowds of people. Priority will most likely be given to children and the elderly, with strict controls at polyclinics and GP offices.

After the tragedy comes to an end, like an official slogan preaches: “let’s go for more”.

Search for another vaccine, the anti-line vaccine, which will be completely Cuban, with the main intervention of capable and competent economists and politicians capable of reversing this crisis which we are suffering, one which the Empire has also imposed on us.  We must pick up our economy and wellbeing in one of the most breakthrough and vital duties in the history of the Revolution.

6 thoughts on “When a Vaccine Comes or Appears in Cuba

  • I trust in the Cuban medicine and if any vaccine were to enter my body would be the Cuban vaccine… great job Cuba I’m looking forward for your protection…

  • I believe that in a similar fashion to the Cuban propaganda around the discovery of Heberprot-P, a novel product for treating advanced diabetic foot ulcer, Cuba may indeed “develop” their own vaccine. Like the diabetes drug, Cuban scientists will hijack the untested results of drugs stolen from foreign laboratories and because of lax or nonexistent testing requirements in Cuba, stumble upon a successful vaccine. Like in China and Russia, authoritarian governments have no guardrails to restrict human testing to assure safe and humane trials. If Trump had his way, he would do the same.

  • It would really be something if Cuba developed a vaccine that really works. Too bad the US will miss out on it because of the embargo.

  • There are lots of vaccines currently in use around the world. Nobody even questions their national origins. Why would vaccines for Covid 19 be different? The people who receive the vaccines will be far more concerned about proven, tested effectiveness than source.

  • I think the idea of national vaccines will extend far beyond Cuba. Can you imagine how politicized a vaccine would be in the US if it were to come from Russia or China? I’m sure most countries are hoping to find their own vaccine, for many reasons. Definitely not just Cuba.

  • Imagine the world chaos if all countries behaved in the manner suggested by Miguel Diaz-Canel regarding vaccines against Covid 19.

    “we need our own in order to have sovereignty.”

    Not all vaccines are very effective. But even if the Cuban vaccine is proven to be less effective than others or is late in arriving, it will be used. Cubans clearly will have no choice.

    There is a child’s game: Blind Man’s Bluff.

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