Why Did Fidel Castro Recklessly Blame the Ukraine?

For the tragedy of Flight MH 17

Carlos Cabrera Perez  (Café Fuerte)

Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin during a recent meeting at Castro’s home in Havana. At the center, Alejandro Castro Soto del Valle. Photo: Alex Castro
Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin during a recent meeting at Castro’s home in Havana. At the center, Alejandro Castro Soto del Valle. Photo: Alex Castro

HAVANA TIMES — In a show of gross political indecency, Fidel Castro accused the government of the Ukraine of having downed a Malaysia Airlines plane – without the slightest shred of proof.

Raul Castro must have once again been petrified on hearing, in Brasilia, that his brother – one doesn’t choose one’s relatives – had dished out a note directly accusing Kiev of the incident and referring to President Petro Proshenko derisively (calling him the “chocolate king”), despite the fact that Cuba maintains diplomatic relations with the Ukraine.

Whoever wrote the note gave it the categorical tone of Cuba’s former leader and colored it with his absurd mania for dividing the world into good guys (permanent or circumstantial allies) and bad guys (the United States and their allies). In the text, he calls the Ukrainian government an “anti-Russian, anti-Ukrainian and pro-imperialist government.”

In his juicy diatribe, dated July 17 (11:14 pm), the impetuous Comandante mixes the downing of the airliner with Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip and throws Barack Obama into the mix. The US president is one of his most recurrent obsessions, along with the end of the world and experimental forms of food production.

An Unforgivable Ommission

Fidel Castro makes a point of expressing his support for the Palestinians and showing a degree of pain over the young Israeli soldiers who may perish in the war, but he neglects something essential: expressing sympathy for the 298 victims of the downed plane and their relatives, which includes a significant part of the world’s scientific vanguard currently engaged in the struggle against AIDS.

The note is particularly indecent because all of the evidence implicates the pro-Moscow rebels in the killing, as suggested by a recording of a conversation between an intelligence officer and a rebel leader that took place 20 minutes after the plane’s downing, divulged this Friday by the BBC:

The route of flight MH 17. Wikipedia.org

Separatist: “We’ve just downed a plane.”
Russian officer: “Where are the pilots?”
Separatist: “They’ve gone in search of the remains. A lot of smoke is coming out.”
Russian officer: “When did it happen?”
Separatist: “Thirty minutes ago.”
Russian officer: “What have you got there­?”
Separatist: “It’s 100 percent commercial.”
Russian officer: “How many passengers?”
Separatist: “A lot of people.”
Russian officer: “Are there missile remains?”
Separatist: “No.”

Despite being something of a Chinese antiquity – former presidents are like such antiquities, everyone praises them but no one knows exactly what to do with them – Fidel Castro continues to enjoy unrestricted access to Cuba’s media, including Granma, the official newspaper of the Communist Party (PCC), of which he is now a mere activist.

Anything Goes

As we know, anything goes when it comes to the bigwigs in a dictatorship. But keeping appearances is important and other PCC members may not entirely agree with the derisive tone of the former party leader, but they don’t have access to Granma.

Some time ago, foreign ministries must have received a discrete message from Havana asking countries not to react to what Fidel Castro says. This is the approach apparently taken by government officials from former Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos to Brazilian President Luis Ignacio Lula Da Silva, who completely ignored all reproaches related to transgenic crops and other shots taken by Cuba’s former leader.

If there is something that characterizes Raul Castro’s government, it is the extreme care with which it has re-adjusted Cuba’s foreign policy to the real world, avoiding trouble of the kind Snowden represents and trying to mend, wherever possible, the immense damage his predecessor caused in the international arena.

Incidentally, if Fidel Castro is interested in food-producing plants (as his long conversations with Vladimir Putin about plant research suggest), he should ask Israel for the formula that has allowed it to be a small desert country that is self-sufficient in terms of food, that is to say, the exact opposite of what the Castro government has accomplished on the island, still dependent on costly food imports.

In fact, it is now somewhat difficult to find Castro’s note, allotted a prominent spot on the front page of the newspaper early on Friday, on the Granma website, which now focuses on Raul Castro’s talks with other heads of State and government in Brasilia. If you click on “Fidel Castro’s Reflections,” the most recent one is a piece titled La mentira tarifada (“Paid Lies”), published in August of 2013.

Recurrent Nonsense

Even though later in the day Juventud Rebelde gave the note a lower profile by placing it as a “reflection”, it kept it in its digital edition, having copied Friday’s Granma front page (something that prompted ridicule and scathing remarks on the Internet about the up-to-datedness of the Cuban press.

Granma insists on blaming the Ukraine, but in its international pages. It attributes the position to “international observers,” the card they usually play in order not to publicly acknowledge that the world thinks just the opposite of what Fidel Castro says.

Notwithstanding what the investigations underway reveal about who downed the plane, the Russian officer’s concerns about whether any remains of the weapon used were left behind and Fidel Castro’s recurrent nonsense, the Cuban government is duty-bound to avoid such disrespectful notes by the aging leader, not only because he is retired, but also because it can undermine the country’s diplomatic efforts.

This is particularly true for an incident in which nearly 300 people were killed and considering the fact Cuba was once the victim of a terrorist attack against a commercial airliner, which claimed the lives of 73 people, 57 of them Cuban, a crime that shook Cuba in the fall of 1976.

Fidel Castro’s attempt to please Russia strikes as a thing of the past. Russia is neither back nor expected on the island, whatever the official discourse may lead us to believe. Moscow’s priorities have been elsewhere since 1979, and, if anyone has any doubts about this, they need only ask Raul Castro about “Operation Pandora.” At the time, the Soviets told the Castros that, should they run into problems with the Americans, Moscow would not intervene. When Raul Castro told his brother this, Fidel kept everyone else in the Politburo in the dark and opted to ask Vietnam for help, create the Territorial Troop Militias and begin collaborating with the United States in different areas.

Fidel Castro’s impetuous remarks, reminding the Ukraine that Cuba aided the country during the Chernobyl “incident”, is the worst show of political indecency and lack of loyalty towards Cuba. It is the senile and thoughtless statement of an arrogant and frail old man who insists on portraying the world as he imagines it, in the likeness of what his exquisite Falangist education taught him.

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  • Anarchy as the basis for democracy. Takes some getting around, but I am sure will result in an irrelevant tirade.

  • You’re right, Fidel is a drooling fool (your words) and yet many of his decisions will have a negative lasting impact on Cuba long after he’s been planted toes up. You want proof of Fidel’s fictions? Here are but a few of many, many ridiculous utterances from that maniac to choose from:

    The collapse of the United States.

    The US will start a nuclear war with Iran.

    Hugo Chavez will survive his cancer http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/07/04/us-cuba-chavez-castro-idUSTRE7630J220110704
    Fiction, pure fiction.

  • What about the reckless media? Today the northamerican media , run by corporate greed tells politicians here what to believe , and clouds their judgement .Leadership , should not blindly follow the latest twitter trends or risk being a twit .
    That said, lets re-cap the last year in the Ukraine. The elected government came under attack in fall of 2013. If the same attack had occurred in Ottawa , Washington
    or any other jurisdiction where tires burned and military positions were taken those individuals would not have been treated as patiently as the Ukranian government of the time . So a leader would consider likely causes of the unrest wich eventually led to the unfortunate downing of an commercial jet. God rest their soles.
    Was their a foriegn regime instituting a policy of drones and subversive behavior in the Ukraine? The medias in northamerica would not dare to make this question.
    Fidel would ask this question and more because these quetions should be asked.
    The story in the Ukraine has been run by the media to create hate. The air traffic controllers were from which jurisdiction, when the commercial flight flew into a position where the previous day military attack planes were shot down?
    The media may be to blame, for hate mongers that use these twits, because they will promote their cause.Did they send that commercial plane for propoganda gain?
    Thank You

  • Your hatred for Fidel is indeed inchoate as you make blanket accusations with no evidence to back them up or evidence such as accusing the leadership of murdering every person who died in the revolution just as the ‘Blaclk Book Of Communism” blamed Mao ( no friend of mine) for every death that occurred in China when he was in power.
    In your post above for instance, you accuse Fidel of writing fiction and offer no proof at all .
    When right wing sources are suggested to me, I relish reading them and tearing them apart .
    You seem to lack that ability when left material is offered .
    Yeah nice try, Fidel is a drooling fool in your book but being the devil that he is, will probably be accused by you of running Cuba from the grave after he dies.
    You can’t have it both ways.

  • Mr. Goodrich, you have an ability to introduce the irrelevant in to every discussion – a methodical ability to drag in dead cats. Why are you unable to keep to the subject matter brought up by the writers in Havana Times? If it is a consequence of some affliction – I refer for example to those who suffer from Terrets disease, then I apologise without reserve.But if on the other hand it is a consequence of a perverse character who has kissed the writers equivalent of the Blarney Stone then you should know that we who read your missives find the constant repetition of matters unrelated to the subject matter of articles boring in the extreme. The article under discussion is about Fidel Castro Ruz blaming Ukraine for shooting down MH17 – when there is every indication that it was the Russian directed terrrorists in Eastern Ukraine uitilising Russian manufactured and supplied missiles who murdered 298 people. So you write about the Warsaw Ghetto, Vietnam and Gaza.

  • I NEVER watch Fox, not even their local Bay Area news channel and I have never listened to Rush Limbaugh. By the way, Lexan is a high-tech, highly versatile polycarbonate. I take the comparison as a complement. I will define whatever you ask but first, man up and cite a source that agrees with your kooky definition of socialism/communism.

  • You lose the bet. (No surprise). I enjoy reading fiction, including Fidel’s “Reflections”.

  • Who agrees with you. Put up or shut up.

  • You seem to have changed your tune.
    Previously you always referred to the CASTROS, still clinging to the belief that Fidel was still running the country from his retirement home. This because Fidel is always such an easy target for enemies of the revolution and the inchoate hatred for him runs deep in the deeply indoctrinated.
    Now you seem to be saying that he is reduced to commenting on yoga and such trivial things and not capable of telling his kid brother how to run things.
    Make up your mind.
    My bet is that because Fidel wrote his “‘Reflections” columns that you will get no closer to reading them than the headline. You can never risk that danger that comes from having your fantasies run up against hard fact.
    Your thinking and reasoning are intellectual chickenshit. .
    You’re so damned easy.

  • John, you are repeatedly straying far away from the topic of the article at hand. Please comment when you have something specific to add to the disucssion on the article. Best wishes,

  • Absent your pointing out the specific instances of racism and hatred, your comment is empty of value or worth in this debate.
    I will readily admit to being as venomous as I feel necessary .
    Sometimes replying in kind is all that is left when logic and fact fail to get through ignorance and evil .
    As a totalitarian/capitalist you have no room to criticize my moral values which are based on the Golden Rule and democracy.
    but I’m sure you’ll try.

  • I am a citizen of the U.S. .
    My family, culture, friends, and history are all here .
    Why would I move to a country where I would have none of these readily accessible ?
    You should know that as a traveler and homeowner in Jamaica for some 20 years , it was extremely easy for me to get to Cuba illegally and undetected via Air Cubana.
    But that would be illegal and I would be a fool to admit I had done it wouldn’t I ? .
    Read between the lines.
    As said, I have no love for either the Russians or the traditionally anti-Semitic Ukrainians and have no dog in that fight .
    Please do note that the article headline involved Fidel’s comments on both subjects and therefore warrant comment .
    “Dottled” is not a word I am familiar with and as one who has read about every speech and writing issued by Fidel I can tell you that the reason no president of the U.S. from Eisenhower to Kennedy to Johnson to Nixon to Ford to Carter to Reagan to Bush to Clinton to Bush ( the lesser)
    to Obama have dared to face Fidel one-on-one in debate precisely because his encyclopedic knowledge of world affairs and his ability to spout fact after fact and statistic after statistic FROM MEMORY would result in a huge embarrassment for any of those lesser intelligences.
    You might want to read a book or two of his ( Fidel’s) speeches just to see what a Kennedy or an addle-pated Reagan would have to face in such a debate and see just how historically inaccurate you are being. .

  • You’re as transparent as Lexan .
    Anyone can read you who keeps up with what is printed in the corporate media whence you get your disinformation.
    This is not my first rodeo . I’ve been down this same road with a great many others who, as regular Fox watchers think they know what reality is and isn’t. .
    You may not realize it but your very wording and admitted sourcing and stated positions paints a very clear picture of how you think.
    As a student of the media , I KNOW where you get your thinking and where all the holes in it are because of that sourcing .
    Now for the challenge:
    Define the American-style “freedoms” I have stated I despise at any time, in any forum.

  • On John Reed.
    He backed the Russian Revolution but died in 1920 just after Lenin and Trotsky dissolved the workers soviets which were the basis for communism being bottom-up democratic bodies.
    So the John Reed Society is named for a man who might well have been a communist but who died before the anti-communist nature of the various national Communist Parties was developed.
    So, yes , that description of communism , missing the necessary need for bottom-up democracy would fit with the early believers in social equalities as it is a given in communism and socialism ( and decidedly not in hierarchical Marxism) .
    AND …the John Reed Society may well be based at Harvard but it does not in any way reflect what is taught in the courses at Harvard covering socialism, communism etc any more than a fraternity would.
    It is the views of people who follow the thinking of John Reed.
    So you fail again to run YOUR ideas past acknowledged experts in the related fields and provide a definition that agrees with mine with a few notable omissions as regards the bottom-up democratic nature of the philosophy.
    I suppose this is why you chose this obscure person’s definition of philosophies which predate the realities of the totalitarian Soviet system .
    You also might want to cite your specific source with an internet address .
    There is not a great deal online dealing with Reed .

  • Well done Mr. Goodrich!! You succeeded in diverting this discussion away from the subject matter of the stupidity of a dottled old man – Fidel Castro Ruz – on to a totally unrelated subject, that of Israel and Gaza!! That was a clever move!! However it does not reduce Fidel’s stupidity or Putin’s involvement in supplying the arms to the Chechen troops in Ukraine. Have you looked up cubaparticular.com yet? Some excelllent casas for you to consider when you make your first visit to Cuba, I’m sure you will love the country and its people.

  • Your comment offers nothing to discuss. It is an hysterical post entirely devoid of historical fact, detached from reality and filled with racism, hatred and venom.

    Seriously John, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and get a grip on the monster running around inside your head.

  • Hamas built their command posts in bunkers under hospitals. That’s another of there many war crimes.

    Your defence of Hamas and your historically ignorant attempts to equate Israel with the Nazis demonstrates your complete incapacity for moral judgement.

  • It must truly be a burden to be the arbiter of truth while most of the world labors under the weight of misinformation. Your gift of knowing more than nearly everyone else must come from the clarity associated with hating the nuclear family, despising American-style freedom, the awesome mind-reading talent you possess that allows you to know what other people read and think.

  • More than 3 weeks ago, I responded to your silly request of my definition of socialism/communism.
    I went to the Harvard University’s John Reed Club definition: The original charter of the John Reed Club, as amended, defines Communism as “a sociopolitical movement that aims for a classless and stateless society structured upon common ownership of the means of production, free access to articles of consumption, and the end of wage labour and private property in the means of production and real estate. In Marxist theory, communism is a specific stage of historical development that inevitably emerges from the development of the productive forces that leads to a superabundance of material wealth, allowing for
    distribution based on need and social relations based on freely-associated individuals.”
    As I wrote in my earlier comment, I wouldassume that ‘Harvard University’ would meet your definition of “reputable institution of higher learning” to corroborate my personal definition of your failed economic system. You have continued to fail to do the same. Present even one reputable source that corroborates your wacky definition which you have so monotonously repeated. Keep in mind that your definition as you have presented it demands a “bottom-up” system. For chuckles, let’s see who agrees with you. There is a saying, “there’s no fool like an old fool”. It is not dementia that I believe you suffer from.

  • The more frequent reaction to Fidel’s many stupid outbursts is to simply ignore them and never repeat them. When Fidel says anything that is halfway coherent and reasonable it is repeated in the blogosphere as if it were the new gospel. When he praises the Moringa plant or the benefits of yoga as he has done in his more recent “Reflections”, it is printed as obliged never to be mentioned again. That’s why the internet is so cool. Granma may not print it again, but google Castro moringa or Castro yoga if you want a good laugh.

  • The U.S. government aids the Israelis with huge financial gifts and the veto at the U.N. which prevents all the rest of the world from stopping Israel’s ethnic cleansing .
    Let me explain something to you.
    The Jews claim to be the Chosen People and that Israel was promised to them. The crazy Jewish religious fundamentalists aided by the apocalypse-end-of the-world Christians are taking Palestine piece by piece and by bombing, harassing and making life miserable trying to drive the native population out so that there can be no Palestine.
    They claim that God gives them the right to do this just as the crazy fundamentalist Islamic suicide bombers are told by their ridiculous religion that it is the best thing you can do.
    AS expected YOU are blaming the victims because you have been indoctrinated to do so.
    After all, in essence the corporate media (mainly Fox ?) from which you get your disinformed opinions consists of the rich ( who own 95% of all media outlets) telling the middle class to blame the poor ( or in this case, the victims ) .
    Like all totalitarians you accept the word of this most biased media because you want to .
    You want to be told what to believe and what to do or not do. .It’s easier for you not to have to look too deeply into deeply held beliefs that might not be true .
    A fitting quote;
    “Telling people what the U.S. has really done to the world is akin to telling them about their UFO abduction except that they will far more readily believe the latter. ”

    This fundamentalist theocracy is no more desirable than is the one in Iran or as represented by the Taliban .
    Were the Jews Muslims , we would have nuked Israel by now for what they are doing to the Palestinians. .

  • Perhaps you can pinpoint the large Hamas military bases on a map for the Israelis .
    Perhaps not since there are none and, in fact, Hamas is fighting a guerilla war in a besieged Gaza and guerilla wars are always fought amongst the civilians who support the guerillas.
    It is patently immoral and false to say that Hamas deliberately hides behind civilians because all Palestinians are civilians just as all the guerillas who fought the Nazis from the similar Warsaw Ghetto were civilians with guns.
    Collective punishment is a war crime but who can slap the cuffs on the 900 lb gorilla which is the combined rogue state of USrael ?
    Might makes right evidently and whoever controls the media controls the minds and wins the propaganda war as well.
    Try reading the articles on Israel-Palestine at ZNet just so you don’t get too comfortable with the U.S.-Israeli lies on the matter and look really stupid later on.

  • You can believe Netanyahu at your own peril.
    Netanyahu sounds like the Nazis explaining how they had to kill so many revolting terrorists in the Warsaw Ghetto because they were hiding and in fact WERE the civilian population.
    There is an infamous quote from the Vietnam Invasion (1950-1975) : ” We had to destroy the village to save it ”
    It’s collective punishment and it is illegal under international law .
    You approve of imperial wars, so international law means nothing to you (or Israel or the GOUSA. )
    All reading this are invited to read the daily stories under “Current ZNet” at ZNet on Gaza and other matters and see what Moses is missing by getting his info strictly from right wing corporate media sources.
    Compare what Moses is saying, what the news you watch is saying with what the writers from around the world say at ZNet about the Gaza issue.
    THEN ….come tell me which is telling you the truth .
    Moses can’t/won’t do this – Don’t be so stubbornly ignorant or afraid to test your beliefs.
    . intthe corporate

  • We’ve gone through this several times before.
    I challenged you to take your definitions of socialism etc to any reputable institution of higher learning for corroboration and you never did this.
    My definitions are the definitions of these philosophies as laid out by the people who originated these philosophies and as taught at any reputable university.
    The fact that you conveniently ” forgot ” our past discussions on the definitions of socialism, communism etc points directly toward the habit of those in deep erroneous thought to block out facts that contradict their own erroneous thinking and to retreat ever deeper into their fantasies.
    You asked the question as if we have never before dealt with it .
    I’m 70 and could claim dementia were I to forget such conversations.
    What’s your excuse if it is not willful ignorance.?
    You have stated in the past that The New York Times is a primary source for you.
    I’ve been a student of the media for as long as you’ve been alive and know your sources without you having to tell me because I also watch and listen to the corporate media and the far right moron media .

  • Hey SFB,
    I have no dog in the shoot-down fight.
    If the Russian backed separatists did it they are bad guys.
    If the Ukraine government side did it, they are bad guys.
    This is not a partisan issue.
    I have no love for the Russians or the Ukrainians .
    The Gaza issue, you should know, is a separate issue .
    and shou;
    lf you wish to engage in debate on that issue, I will be more than glad to hand you your head in that debate as well.
    Just let me know your disinformed thoughts on it and I will respond .
    Secondly , about denigrating the country.
    That is a ridiculous accusation on its face.
    One cannot denigrate an entire country and I have never attempted nor wanted to do that.
    What I and others criticize are the IMPERIAL actions of the elected government .
    On this matter I can give you 60 instances since WWII in which the U.S. GOVERNMENT …( got it ?) attempted the overthrow of governments they did not like and 30 instances of interventions in which humanist, populist and other democratic human rights movements were attacked.
    IF you are attacking me for attacking these policies _of which you OBVIOUSLY know so little – you then have to ask yourself where your sense of morality and love of democracy has gone…if you ever possessed same.
    My guess is that you, like Moses and Griffin are totalitarian in practice and give mere lip service to democratic practices.
    Shoot your television

  • Goodrich is a blog commenting showcase of primitive psychological defence mechanisms: denial, deflection, displacement, splitting and projection.

  • No dount by the habitual method of denial, denial, denial!

  • As Mr. Goodrich was saying about Fidel Castro declaring that the elected Ukraine Government downed MH17 is a collective punishment of the people of Gaza, thus demonstrating an inability to address the subject of the article or anything related to it.
    One has to question whether such an inability to address subject matter is mind slippage or an over-riding drive to berate and denigrate his own country and his own government. Time to get into the correct gear and provide comment both relevant and of interest Mr. Goodrich!
    Have you looked up the web-site: Cubaparticular.com yet, to find suitable accommodation for your first ever visit to Cuba?

  • It was good to see Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday, scolding TV host Candy Crowley for echoing the Hamas propaganda line about civilian casualties. He pointed out that it was Hamas who has endangered civilians by using human shields, hiding weapons in mosques & schools and by firing rockets from civilian buildings. Hamas is counting on Palestinians civilian casualties. Naive liberal journalists like Crowley help make these war crimes by Hamas a viable strategy.

  • I have no idea of what you read and where you get your information. I only know what you believe based on your comments. Likewise, you have no idea what I read and where I get my information unless I include my sources in my comments. Speaking of which, still no response as to what “university of higher learning” teaches your definition of socialism/communism? Admit it, you are just making up these hokey ideas as you go.

  • Prime Minister Netanyahu said it best, “Israel uses weapons to protect civilians and Hamas uses civilians to protect weapons”.

  • When did the US declare the Palestinians an enemy? Several Presidents, of both parties, have declared their support for a Palestinian state. Since 2008, the US government has provided around $500 million in foreign aid to the Palestinians, every year.

    The fact you repeated that statement drawing an equivalence between the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and the IDF operation in Gaza demonstrates that your complete ignorance of history is exceed only by your moral inversion. And you call Moses “dumbed-down”! Ha!

    Did the Jews of Warsaw launch 1700 rockets at German cities?

    For months prior to the Warsaw uprising, the Germans had been collecting and deporting tens of thousands of Jews to death camps. Once the uprising began, the Nazis surrounded the ghetto and systematically destroyed every building and killed every man, woman & child they could find. Estimates range from 150,000 to 200,000 Jewish civilians were killed in the Warsaw uprising.

    In Gaza, the Israelis notify Palestinian civilians and warn them to move away from a terrorist target. The IDF has called off attacks on a target when they see civilians nearby.

    If you want to talk about war crimes, consider these:

    Hamas targets Israeli civilians with rockets: that’s a war crime.

    Hamas launched rockets from school yards and markets: that’s a war crime.

    Hamas hides weapons in schools & mosques: that’s a war crime.

    Hamas uses civilians as human shields to protect their fighters: that’s a war crime.

    Hamas uses UN ambulances to transport fighters: that’s a war crime.

    Hamas provides weapons to Palestinian children and tells them to go attack the IDF: that’s a war crime.

    Hamas commanders hide in bomb shelters built in the basements of hospitals: that’s a war crime.

  • Collective punishment of the residents of Gaza especially upon a civilian population is analogous to the Warsaw Ghetto uprisings and is against the international laws of war .
    The only reason Israel is not called to account for this heinous crime is because it is backed by the most powerful military on Earth and an even more criminal government in Washington D.C.
    Moses, who is in total fear of the truth refuses to look at anything that would support the Palestinians or any group that the Imperial U.S. has declared an enemy.
    He relies upon a media that is as unable to tell the truth as he would be to believe it such is the depth of his willfully ignorant beliefs .
    Like a Christian who dares not question the more ludicrous aspects of that religion, Moses et al do not dare question the comfortable lies they have come to believe. .
    It IS the way of the dumbed-down right.

  • Why? Because he’s a habitual liar.

  • HavanaTimes sounds more and more like an English version of Nuevo Herald. People who want a serious analysis of what is going on in Cuba don’t need this ultra-rightwing gibberish.

  • In other words. …the emperor has no clothes

  • I wonder how they will talk their way out of this one

  • Like so many rich or famous or powerful people, the circle of handlers and caregivers that surround an addle-minded Fidel Castro have convinced him of his infallibility. The objective and irrefutable evidence pointing the finger at Russian involvement and culpability in the shoot-down of the MH 17 flight is significant. From satellite imagery to recorded telephone conversations to eyewitness accounts show an undeniable connection between Ukrainian separatists and their Russian masters. Despite this turn of events, Fidel lives in a bubble created by his own imagination. His comments accusing the Israelis is equally without attachment to reality. He ignores that fact the 75% of the Israeli people are currently under threat of the thousands of Hamas missile volleys. He skips the part that the Arab League, the Egyptian and now the UN ceasefire proposals which were accepted by Israel but have been rejected by the Palestinian leadership. The people who change Fidel’s diapers and empty his stoma bag should tell him the truth. He is making a fool of himself.

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