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Powdered milk costs 6.60 CUC (or just under $7.50 USD) per kilo.
Powdered milk costs 6.60 CUC (or just under $7.50 USD) per kilo.

HAVANA TIMES — Cuba is currently purchasing powdered milk for US $2,598 per ton. That’s what was paid to Louis Dreyfus Commodities, a company of Argentina. I’m not a great mathematician but I think at this price, the kilo cost around US $2.60.

We should all be glad that today Cuban State importers are purchasing milk closer to home since before they were buying it from New Zealand, with the obvious higher transportation costs. Who knows why they were traveling so far to buy it?

I remember when they raised the price of milk because it was more expensive in Oceania. Hopefully, now the price will go down because it costs half as much in Rio de la Plata, Argentina. And that could happen if it wasn’t that this staple food in marked up by a 240% tax.

I’m not asking for subsidies; my wish for 2016 is that milk and other staples foods are put in stores at market price without ridiculous taxes that punish the poorest, depriving them of access to them.

Editors note:  Cuba does not meet its milk production needs, having to import a large share.  With the average salary being just over US $20 a month, paying $7.50 for a kilo of powdered milk is way beyond the reach of many.


17 thoughts on “Will Cuba’s Retail Milk Price Go Down in 2016?

  • How would Cuba pay for it!

  • Moses, clearly you speak as if you have never been either a dairy farmer or agricultural investor. There are lots of such people in the US who would love to be allowed by US law to bring needed help to Cuba.

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