A Havana Park Full of Life

Photo feature by Ernesto Gonzalez Diaz

HAVANA TIMES — Cordova Park is located in the Havana neighborhood of El Sevillano, in the “10 de October municipality.” Framed by San Miguel, Revolución, Lagueruela and Gelabert Streets, the park owes its name to the illustrious patriot Emilia de Cordova, who in the early 20th century was a founder of the neighborhood and great fighter for women’s rights.

Seniors and middle-aged adults do physical exercises there every morning, while young people go there to play soccer or baseball. Children will go to the park to bounce around in the inflatable play center, ride a pony or battery-powered carts. Teenagers practice to become circus performers, mothers watch their children, and lovers will release their passion in a kiss.

The park’s grounds keeper sweeps it every morning, venders sell their fruits and veggies, a girl or boy might help her grandmother take a walk in the afternoon, and school children can be seen cutting through the park returning home from school.

Everyone is there together, filling this most common community space with life and color. I’m including night shots of the park so that you can appreciate the beauty of the vegetation lit by artificial light.

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