A Private Havana Traveling Amusement Park

Photo feature by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — Like a traveling circus but this time it’s a traveling amusement park that takes place in different places in Havana every fortnight.

This private and untitled community project attracts a large number of happy children and young people who are euphoric to go on the rides made out of scrapyard parts.

They go up, down and go round and round with so much ease and safety that they put us Cubans and our ingenuity and curiosity to the test.

A boat called the “Dragon”, the “Half Moon” which goes around in a full circle and the “Bull” chair which swings, are the main attractions at this fair which has come and filled the hearts of many people in this neighborhood with joy.

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3 thoughts on “A Private Havana Traveling Amusement Park

  • Great post, amazing how people who are motivated can make something amazing out of nothing!

  • So true. No matter how dark things look, they always find a way to make their families happy.

  • One never ceases to wonder at the engineering talents of so many Cubans. Just imagine how the economy of Cuba could benefit if the reins were removed!

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