A Well-Known Havana Park

The "Normal" Park in Havana.
The “Normal” Park in Havana.

Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – Located in the Havana municipality of Cerro is a large park bordered by schools, one of which used to be an important teacher training school (The Normal) where many educators graduated before 1959. In a corner of the park on a hill is a statue of the Vietnamese martyr Nguyen Van Troi.

In the distance we can see the chimney of the old FA detergent factory which used to perfume the neighborhood. Ample shade trees and a new coat of paint make the park a place for children to play and ride their bikes and to relax for the elderly and young couples alike.

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2 thoughts on “A Well-Known Havana Park

  • This is not the Normal Park this is Nguyen Van Troi the Normal park is the one in front of the school in San Juaquin and Infanta.

  • Cuba has many magnificent areas, and although these pictures are colourful they lack the vibrancy of people, so let us see the people, colour, and magnificent views.

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