An Excursion to Las Terrazas, Cuba

Photo Feature by Juan Suarez



HAVANA TIMES — The community Las Terrazas is part of a project of Unesco for biosphere reserves. Located on the banks of the San Juan River in the Sierra del Rosario province of Artemisa in western Cuba, the resort offers ecological tourism.  Here you will find the La Moka Hotel plus restaurants and cafes in the surrounding area.


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5 thoughts on “An Excursion to Las Terrazas, Cuba

  • Hey Bob,
    “The journey of a thousand miles begins………..”
    After the long birth pains of the revolution and surviving the 54-year Imperial U.S. embargo, perhaps Cuba will live up to its promise and bring democracy in as THE sole guiding force in both the economy and the government.
    This goes against both Cuba’s leadership’s Leninist ways and the totalitarian U.S/capitalist desires for Cuba.
    The rise of democratic forms in Cuba may well be in doubt.
    ( IMO)

  • Yes, Las Terrazas is beautiful and comfortable. I have been there a number of times.

    No question that it would be great if every Cuban’s housing would be like those in Las Terrazas. Similarly, it would be great if every week would be like those 2-3 weeks a year most spend on vacation. Or, that every dinner would be as spectacular as that once a year anniversary celebration. Or, every day could be like Christmas.

    It is just that damn economic thing. Las Terrazas is no more than a one off public relations showpiece.

  • What a beautiful setting.
    I agree with Chuck 100s more communities like this would be wonderful….. and only possible in a socialist (democratic) Cuba of the future and absent the continuing U.S. hostilities .
    There’s the matter of that 54 year-old embargo still being in force.

  • Thanks for so much peace and beauty. Need 100 more communities like this across the country

  • Hi–
    I have been there. It is as beautiful in every respect …. as the photos show.

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