As the Cuban Revolution Turns 59


Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – January 1, 2018, marks the 59th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

Some Cubans will celebrate as stated in the official media: “Inspired by the example of the eternal Commander and Chief Fidel Castro, Havana celebrates the 59th anniversary…” while others will just be celebrating the New Year.

Both supporters and detractors of the Castro government will be hoping that 2018 brings at least limited relief from the extremely low salaries and high prices, food, medicine and personal hygiene product shortages, hurricane damage and renewed family separations that were part of the concluding year.

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4 thoughts on “As the Cuban Revolution Turns 59

  • I know he was president twice

  • Batista actually governed twice, first in 1940-1944, and second in 1952-1959. Batista enacted populist measures in the early 1940s, but Castro deemed those measures insufficient.

  • The Cuban people have never controlled their country, the “democracy” before Batista in the 40s was a sham as well

  • Just how long will it be before the people of Cuba under the age of seventy have the chance to have a vote? Let my people go. Raul please give the people of Cuba at least a breath of freedom! Resign and pack your bags.

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