Buena Fe Sing for the Cuban Five

Buena Fe in concert in La Vibora, Havana
Buena Fe in concert in La Vibora, Havana

Photo Feature by Elio Delgado Valdes

HAVANA  TIMES — The  popular duo Buena Fe sang last Friday at the Red Square of the Havana’s Vibora district at the beginning of a month long international campaign starting September 5 demanding freedom for the four Cubans agents still in US prisons after being sentenced for their efforts to combat terrorism against their country.

Many of those attending the concert wore yellow ribbons as a symbol of the love with which Cuba awaits the four men jailed since 1998.

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4 thoughts on “Buena Fe Sing for the Cuban Five

  • Mala Fe would be a better name for a group that lends itself for such propaganda acts for a repressive regime.

  • The Cuban 5 campaign is an exercise in maintaining the siege mentality so essential to the regime’s grip on power. Period. I doubt very many Cubans actually care about the issue, but they will enjoy a free concert.

  • Buena Fe are a really excellent band with meaningful lyrics, beautiful harmonies and tunes and varying styles and rhythms. I would really recommend listening to their music.

  • What am I missing here? How does a free concert in Havana given by a not-so-well-known-outside-of-Cuba band help to free the remaining four convicted spies incarcerated in the US. OK, if Ricky Martin or Enrique Iglesias or Shakira gave the concert in Havana and the international press covered it, I could be persuaded that it might have some influence here in the US among young Latinos. But Buena Fe? While we’re at it, please explain all the billboards in Cuba ‘demanding’ the spies’ release. How is that plan working out? Could this simply be another tool of the Castro dictatorship to give the people ‘bread and circuses’?

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