Concert in Cuba to Support Venezuela

Photo Feature by Luis Enrique Gonzalez and Ernesto Gonzalez Diaz

100_4087HAVANA TIMES — Sunday evening March 15, at the steps of the University of Havana, a concert took place in solidarity with the people and government of Venezuela, currently involved in a diplomatic conflict with the United States.

The concert was widely publicized by the local media but did not draw the audience expected, especially among the youth.

Amid flags from Venezuela, Syria, Palestine, Mexico, Nicaragua, South Africa, Cuba and others, and lights and large video screens, the event began with speeches from the president of the Federation of University Students, Yosvani Montano, and Cuban Five member Rene Gonzalez, followed by a long boring speech from Ali Gonzalez Araque, the Venezuelan ambassador to Cuba.

Then the concert itself got underway with the music of Raúl Torres, Pepe Ordas and the National Art School (ENA) band.

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8 thoughts on “Concert in Cuba to Support Venezuela

  • BS you support traitors who bomb and subvert Cuba….

  • As a Cuban I love Cub….what we hate is the Castro dictatorship. Get it straight

  • Venezuela this time is not alone…the US is isolated, just wait what happens BEFORE the America’s summit…Cuba will be there triumphant just like Raul was present at the funeral of Nelson Mandela and people were asking why? Because the world loves Cuba, only US and Israel hate Cuba…the onoly independent vote they get at the UN…the little island colonies don’t count…

  • Oil prices are still falling and analysts don’t see a reason for prices to increase substantially for at least two years. All the concerts in the world won’t save Venezuelan at this point.

  • Maduro is driving Venezuela into the economic abyss and putting Cuba’s assistance in danger. The Cubans will provide moral support but they are smart enough to make alternative arrangements.

    Maduro is in no danger of a U.S. coup or a right wing coup. It is Chavez legacy leaders that end his incompetent leadership. It is not that he is not working hard. The guy is working his heart out as best he can.

  • Venezuelaid! The aid Venezuela needs is a high school education and diploma for it’s “head of state”. Hell, even Che was a doctor.

  • That’s one crazy diplomatic balancing act Cuba does there: supporting both the murderous Syrian dictatorship of Bashir al-Assad and at the same time the Palestinian terrorist organizations which are allied with the Islamist factions fighting against Assad.

    How do the Cuban students feel about being asked to cheer on the Syrian butchers who have killed over 200,000 Syrians so far? Are they even aware of what’s happening in Syria?

  • it seems people no longer bother to show up for these events however bored they are. The fact that young people stay away from a concert supporting another (would be) dictator is a good sign for the future of Cuba.

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